Thursday, November 7, 2013

Let's Rock Hunt

Lets Rock Hunt

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1L Hunt 37 stores are listed in the hunt.

I've never seen this hunt before, so not sure if this is the first that she's done or if she's done many. I like how her blog is organized, not only does it give you store hints, but it gives you landmarks and gift pictures. That way if you want to skip a store you can and move onto the next if you get stuck.

I'm all about clothes and fun things.. so off we go! Here's the first 13 to get your tastebuds drooling!

1.MISS JEWELL Starting point for the hunt

2.   Shanti Bohemian (This one is numbered #3, but it's really #2 not a big deal though)

3. Brandi's  Intimates

4. SlutWear by Lexy

5. Twinkle & Dazzle

6. Runa Full Perm

7. Lusty's

8. The Madness Within
(This has a gift for both men and women, shown only the women's gift)

9. The Artist's Loft

(This gift is the actual couch, it has a series of poses within it. Very cute store with a lot of picture props!

10. Nefeli's Gestures

It's very hard to take pictures of gestures, lol... but these gestures are awfully cute, so I took a picture of two of the actions that your avatar does during the gesture. The outfit is by St@sis (up next)

11. St@sis

12. KA Piercings & Body Jewelry

13. LC Designs