Thursday, February 6, 2014

Baubles for men, bracelets for us!

I have to admit that this is certainly a new store for me but no less exciting. As with all similar accessories  it requires some editing skills but even I was able to get a decent fit. This store is called Stone Baubles for Men. This first  bracelet is called the assassin cuff, a must have for anyone skulking around dark alleys, or running across rooftops in Italy.(kudos to those who got that.)

This next bracelet from Stone Baubles is called old world bracelet. I don't know about old world, but in my world I think it will fit perfectly with any number of outfits.

Another dragon mask!

So, as my previous post probably told you I am both a sucker for dragons and a newly made sucker for masks.(Ok maybe not as new as I would care to admit.) So after looking at the wonderful creator of Chimeric's Flickr page I saw an amazing version of the exclusive steampunk mask for the fantasy festival. And that is the bone mask version. It fit perfectly with my Pathfinder outfit from the mesh role play clothing designer Erebos. The castle in the background is Dark Empire by Red Queen.

Fantasy festival, new goodies!

Well, here we are again, I must ask that you try not to share these photos around because, as you can see these are model grade photos. Anyway I chose to model the black/purple/pink monocle and hat because I feel they matched me best,  they also come in red/black, brown, and brown/camo.

Well....I am very new to mesh eyes and not the best when it comes to editing them but here is my best try. they have every color you can think of and these are just a few. Also included are a full range of kupos for your perusal.

Last but certainly not least we have a selection of finely smithed mesh daggers from Barely Legal. They come in a variety of colored gems and offer a slightly curved blade perfect for creating gashes in the thickest of hides...I mean for opening letters.