Thursday, January 30, 2014

Feeling a lil naughty?

My partner and I are into some pretty serious roleplays sometimes. If you've ever seen the movie The Secretary, you can imagine what types of fantasies both men and women can come up with. Cedric has a yummy desk from HSF Erotics, that just fit with this outfit.

*•.♥.•*  Janine Black Peplum Dress  *•.♥.•*  
*•.♥.•* ONLY 101L *•.♥.•*

Every naughty secretary needs the perfect outfit to perform her duties. Or perhaps you own your own business on Second Life, and you need to look very professional. Well this is the outfit for you, it fits like a glove!


When I first came to second life many moons ago. I hated shoes. I hated them with a passion. Could be because I'm not a big shoe person in real life either, so that could be a big factor. Mostly I hated SL shoes because they fit the feet weird, or heaven forbid you forget an alpha and you'd be looking at your feet going "Okay I am wearing my shoes, why are my toes sticking out!" So easy solution.. Just don't wear shoes.

But as I've grown on SL, Shoes ... have grown on me.. So this blog is dedicated to shoes, and boots, and shoes!!! SHOES! Glorious SHOES! and what girl doesn't like sexy shoes?

Have you ever thought about sexy sneakers? Sneakers that I just wish I could take out of SL and slip on my own feet? I kind of felt that way about these sneakers.

*•.♥.•*   CGG Venus Love (Fuchsia and Lime) *•.♥.•*   Mesh Sneakers
both Rigged and Non Rigged Mesh included
*•.♥.•* ONLY 101L*•.♥.•*

These are super cute, super comfortable. And they come in other colors too!

*•.♥.•*   CGG Angelion Heels *•.♥.•*
With 8 mesh Colors     
*•.♥.•* ONLY 101L *•.♥.•*


*•.♥.•*   Carnaby Boots *•.♥.•*    
with 8 Color Hud, Rigged Mesh
*•.♥.•* ONLY 129 L *•.♥.•*


The colors on these are amazing. Pictures don't do these justice at all! I love that I can have 8 looks for the price of one!

*•.♥.•*   Tasha Boots  *•.♥.•*  
with 8 color Hud  
*•.♥.•* ONLY 101L *•.♥.•*

SUPER CUTE!!!! I love that 2 Chez creates 1 boot with so many different colors!