Friday, October 24, 2014


The days of the Mystic Realms Faire are winding down.On October 26th the event will be over. Have you gone? Have you gotten all your wonderful designs from some of our favorite SL creators?

EmpyreanForge has gone above and beyond just stunning. I'm starting to want more and more accessories as I blog and put together outfits. I think that they're just amazing, but they don't just stop at jewelry either! They have head pieces and swords and just amazing stuff!

The wonderful set I am sharing with you today is called: EF: Reverie Starlight. The full set comes with the stunning necklace, earrings and rings for both your left and right hand. There's a color change hud that you can change through the stones. I picked this set because I loved the sparkle and the translucent quality to the stones.

Lets talk about the dress. I have a dress fetish, yes I do. I haven't blogged ball gowns in awhile so thought it was about time I dusted off myself and dressed a little bit nicer for the Reverie Starlight set. So I was at Purple Moon doing Poulet's Halloween "Keep Calm and Give Me Candy Hunt" Going on at the Purple Moon Sim Oct 23-Oct 31st. Anyways, it'd been a little while since I'd just wandered her store, deciding that I wanted something new for my new jewelry I hit her formal gown section. I was absolutely blown away by this dress called Dietrich. It is stunning and it was perfect!

I don't know if other bloggers and photographers go through what I do sometimes when I have the perfect look, and in my head I know what I want but I can't seem to make it transform in my pictures then all of the sudden it dawns on you that you can sim hop and look for places but you have the perfect thing already? It dawned on me this morning while I was bouncing Sims looking for something that I had something perfect, I had the "Stairway to the Stars" prop from Kay Weston of Image Essentials sitting in my inventory just waiting, screaming at me to be used. It's amazing, really. So creative with all the little details. You can change the wall color, stair color, the rails of the steps. You can add your own images (you can see Cedric and I peek out of some images and my little sister Emmy peeking out with the red hair behind me in the images above since I can't get her to pose with me, I made sure to put her pictures in my frame... plus I get tired of seeing myself in frames, lol) Anyways, you can snag this wonderful photo prop from Image Essentials at the Fashion Story Fair until October 29th

Last but not least you can't dress up without wearing nail polish can you??? My polish comes from Dark Passions-Koffin Nails called Wicked Wedding. I picked this up at an event but I believe it's something you can buy at her mainstore.  There are 12 different color choices from the dark look like I have above, to a white polish that's simply gorgeous! I've been wanting to show off this polish for some time so I felt this was a perfect time to do so.

Creator/Event Highlights

Mystic Realms Faire Ends October 26th
Fashion Story Fair  Ends October 29th
EmpyreanForge Creator EmpyreanForge
Image Essential Poses and Props : Creator- Kay Weston
Purple Moon Creations: Creator- Poulet Koenkamp
Dark Passion-Koffin Nails: Creator- Bcreative Wilde Heart (Bcreative Wilde)

Skin/Shape by Panda Punx called Neri (Creator: вαвүsαυяυs (Lluna Nitely))
Eyes: IKON  (Creator Ikon Innovia)-Eternal Eyes - Sapphire (S)
Slink Hands: Casual feet High (Creator: Siddean Munro)
Wedding ring by Lapointe & Bastchilde (Creators: Lapointe & BastChild Designs )
Hair: Magika  Meadow (Creator: Sabina Gully)
Make-up: R.icelli (Creator: Vliet Troncon)- HOT COLORS Make-up / Eyeliner 01 + Lipstick 04