Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Feeling Purple for POE7

I know I know, it should be feeling blue because POE7 is ending but my favorite color IS purple, and I'm wearing PURPLE in my post so I'm feeling Purple today. :) Bad humor, I'm sorry but thank you for reading and humoring me anyways.

Pose: Kirin Poses~ Day Dreamer and/or Sweet girl (I mixed and matched)

Today I'm bringing you an adorable adorable adorable dress from !Black Swan called Elena. I'm not normally a fan of gold accents, but because I'm such a fan of purple I just couldn't resist. So I paired the dress with jewelry from **Dellybeams fine prim Jewelry which is called Celtic black pearl, but it's black and gold. Very elegant and beautiful and fit very well with the dress.

.ploom pose Peaking part of 12 days of Christmas day 11-12)

My hair is by .ploom called Cora (Day 1-3) as well as the pose I am using all part of the 12 Days of Christmas that ends Dec 31st so hurry over and snag up all her hairs, and poses. There's also some gifts under the Christmas tree.

The Holiday season is over, and we're packing up our trees and decorations. It's always a melancholy time of year for me even though this year I struggled with wanting to decorate, now that the holidays are over I'm like "but but but.." I guess I shouldn't procrastinate. So if you're liking the blog posts of POE7, hurry because it ends on January 6th 2015!

Oooh! I cannot forget a few other items!!! My skin is the December group gift from Deluxe Body Factory called "Tilda" one of the great things about DBF skins and shapes is that when you buy the appliers, you just buy them once. There are a few applier packs I believe, but they go with ALL her skins which is AWESOME!!!!!! I am not wearing the Tilda shape in these pictures only the skin. Also shows the necklace from the POE7 hunt really well too! Loving the cold accents.

My nail polish is by La Boheme you have only ONE day left to get these beautiful nail polishes. Sadly, my pictures do not do these polishes justice! These are FREE until December 31st 2014 at La Boheme called Swirling Vines Gold/Silver. We also know that I love shoes! Yes yes I do, and I love shoes that come with a hud so I can have different colors (of course purple! because it's feeling purple day!) These beauties come from 2Chez by Gisele Grizot and are called CGG SO Easy Heels. These shoes come with a hud so you can get 8 different color choices! 8!!! yes you heard me 8!!!!

  (here's a vendor pic so you can truly see the quality and beauty of these polishes!

Location for Pictures: Aspen Fell **Please note, You may not rez here, but scripts do work so if you have a pose hud it should work here.**