Sunday, November 9, 2014



I stepped outside of my comfort zone and pushed the envelope again on my creativity. I am finding my blogging spirit again! Today I am showing you the Chandelier pose by Something New Poses and Props available at Thrift Shop 7.0. I am wearing a dress by Purple Moon called Elwing Gown in Pink and my wonderful crazy hair is by Damselfly that I got at the Fantasy Gacha Carnival called Gretchen. I played and played and played to get the one with butterflies, but they're all great!

I've only recently become a huge fan of this song, when I truly listened to the song and looked at the words I was like "wow this describes me so much when I was in my youth". But it also reminds me of addictions, emotions, and the feelings that we all get when we're dealing with Second Life. Alot of my friends lately have been going through "growth spurts" for a lack of a better description. Finding that they're suffering from self esteem, insecurities and more. So this pose just really touched me deeply and I knew I wanted to blog it, as well as touch base with this song.

I believe that we all go through issues where we think we're not pretty enough, good enough, handsome enough. That we're not loved or appreciated. Bloggers go through phases where they wonder if what they write is even being read, are they as good as "so and so" and are they doing enough. I believe that when it becomes to much work, or we get overwhelmed that we just need to take a step back (which is what I've done lately just took a backseat to my blog until I really did some soul searching.) I liked some of what I found, and some of me I didn't like so much.  So I've decided to blog for "me" which is why I started blogging in the first place.

I have amazing sponsors, I love them all differently, each one of them brings something special to me, to my life. Some of the creators I work for I talk to on a regular basis, and I have realized that behind the creators there are real people who create because they love it. Some pump out things left and right, others not so much but they're all so talented and so my focus is THEM, not the what ifs. My challenge to myself is to make sure that I am showcasing what they gift me and making sure that I do the best that I can. To not take advantage of their generosity or get caught up in self doubt. My blog is my blog. I am like no other blogger, and other bloggers aren't like me. I think sometimes we tend to take on styles, or thoughts and we create when we see something we like, I don't think of that as a copy cat, but just as a style and then we find our own.  I think we all go through changes both emotionally and mentally.

I guess for me, what I need to remember is to just "be me" and not worry about anyone else, or tomorrow. That I need to focus on the here and now and continue to grow as a person. That no matter what happens in my life that people may have the power to bring me down, only I can give them that power, so I don't. If they want to be a part of my life then they will be, if they don't then there's the door. I won't hold onto yesterday or dream about what could have been. Because if they can't stick around and know "Me" then perhaps they really weren't worth my time. I wish a dear friend of mine would start to listen to her heart and realize that as well, that there are going to be those gossip mongers who come into your life and stir up the pot and if the person you're with decides to walk, then let them go because they aren't worth your love, your friendship or your time.

Event Highlights
 Chandelier pose available @ Thrift Shop Nov 9-30
Damselfly Gretchen @ The Fantasy Gacha Carnival Until the end of November

Namrah's Look
Skin/Shape by Panda Punx called Neri (Creator: вαвүsαυяυs (Lluna Nitely))
Eyes: IKON  (Creator Ikon Innovia)-Eternal Eyes - Sapphire (S)
Hair: *~*Damselfly*~*Gretchen
Slink Hands: Casual feet High (Creator: Siddean Munro)
Wedding ring by Lapointe & Bastchilde (Creators: Lapointe & BastChild Designs )
Collar: .Pekka. Thick chain collar blackened steel (Creator: . M o ɴ ѕ т e r . (Kathya Szczepanski)
Lipgloss: R.icielli -(Creator:Vliet Troncon) I'M GLAM Lipstick / 10
Dress: Purple Moon (Creator Poulet Koenkamp)
Pose: Something New Poses and props (Creator Allyson Dwyer)