Thursday, March 13, 2014

Serenity Style

Cedric and I just moved into a new house. ~Woot~ It's always exciting. I was going through some things tonight, sorting my blogging packs, and peeking, rearranging folders to get busy posting and blogging a lot of amazing creations that I am seeing. I happened to unpack this one and was like "OH my goodness!" and eagerly put it out to click pictures. It's so cute! There is so much detail in this.

This EXCLUSIVE ITEM can be be found at "The Feeling" gacha event that starts March 15th-25th 2014. This is a a monthly event with exclusives items and gachas with different themes each month. I've never been to this, but after seeing this cute little set-up I am excited for the 15th!

Exclusively by Serenity Style
@ The Feeling
March 15th -25th

Thank you to the creator for correcting me. There is a gacha item too but I haven't taken pictures of it yet!

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