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Confessions of a Shoe-aholic: Thank you {ZOZ}, and 2 Chez

Did you know that there isn't a dictionary definition for shoe-aholic? Shocking!

My inventory... is a mess, I admit it... one of my favorite quotes of all times "My room was clean, then I had to match my shoes to my outfit." Which reminds me of why my inventory is a mess. (Can I blame my  new shoe addiction on this?) Mmmmhmmmm with all the great new shoes coming out from various creators this is SO true. I can't tell you how many times Cedrc is like "Lets go to a club" But but but.. "I gotta find the right shoes!" When I first came to SL, you couldn't find me in shoes, I hated how they all fit. I'm horrible at editing so if I had to edit the color of my feet for a pair of shoes, I just went barefoot. I made sure I bought clothes or went to sims where this was an okay thing, lol. But I admit with the new slink feet and all the new fabulous shoes coming out... I now have a shoe addiction. So, hopefully hopefully this will help you or help you become a shoe addict like me! I only wish I could wear shoes like all of these in real life.

**PLEASE NOTE: that the slink FEET and HANDS DO NOT COME WITH THESE SHOES, or POLISHES, and do remember that an item is found at an event, the creator is NOT obligated to sell any of their items unless they desire to. Some items can and will be exclusive to events only, I try to label them when they are but I miss things sometimes. Thank you**

A collection of my favorites from {ZOZ} and 2 Chez creators.

¸.•✰ -{ZOZ} Desire Heels    ✰•.¸ 
(For slink high)

 @ The Dark Style Fair
May 17th to June 7th

Colors Available: Abyss, Lilac, Royal and Ruby

¸.•✰ -{ZOZ}- Silver Lace Polish   ✰•.¸ 
@ Designer Circle
Available from May 18th to May 31st 

There are 12 different colors to these hands and nail polishes. :)

¸.•✰ -{ZOZ}- Lace Wedge Shoe   ✰•.¸ 
(for Med slink feet)
Designer Circle
Double pack Available from May 18th to May 31st 

Two Colors: Abyss and Snow

¸.•✰  From Hell  ✰•.¸ 
@ FashionArt Fair
May 9th - May 31st 

For slink high

"IF the shoe fits, buy it in every color" (but really with 2 Chez shoes you just need one shoe with one hud.)

¸.•✰   CGG Ibiza Wedge Sandals ✰•.¸ 
for SLink High with 8 Color HUD

Color hud with 8 choices.
Ibiza- Wedge Sandals for Slink High

"There are two things you can never have to many of: Good friends and great shoes"

¸.•✰ CGG So Easy Heels  ✰•.¸ 

Color hud with 8 choices.
So Easy Heels for High Slink feet

¸.•✰ CGG Vegas Spiked Mules   ✰•.¸ 
199 L
(8 colors to choose from, only 3 shown)

CGG Vegas Spiked Mules
Color Choices:  red & silver, red & gold, black & silver, black & gold, white & silver, white & gold, gold & silver, & gold on gold

¸.•✰ CGG Night and Day ✰•.¸ 
129 L 

Color hud with 8 choices.
(for slink high feet)

CGG Night and Day Deep Toe Pumps

¸.•✰  CGG Ipanema Wedge Sandals  ✰•.¸ 
101 L

CGG Ipanema Wedge Sandals-
(for slink Mid/Med feet)

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