Wednesday, December 3, 2014

You fill my heart.. POE7

One of the most anticipated hunts of the year has begun! Peace on Earth hit the grid on December 1st and runs until Jan 6th. This is probably one of my most favored hunts of all times. When I came to second life, hunts were all I seemed to know how to do. I think I was hunting before I even knew how to edit my clothes. ~laughs~

This year for POE it was abit different with the original founder not currently on SL. I think it's amazing that friends of hers stepped in to make sure her legendary hunt continued. I think she'd be greatly pleased to know she is so well loved and respected.

The first item I'm going to share with you is POE7 #021 by Sassy! The gown is called Ripples and it's a lovely dress full of elegance, and flair.

The hunt has been on for 3 days and there are so many new and wonderful creators that have joined the hunt this year. I am thrilled to be an official blogger for the hunt and I hope to bring you lots and lots of the wonderful goodies that are in store for you. What's the best thing about this hunt? I think for me, one of the things I love is that it's a variety of things, it's also a hunt my husband can do with me and He'll also walk away with hunt prizes as many creators make dual gifts for men and women or they'll make something unisex. The quality of gifts is usually higher for POE then other hunts around the grid, and you get a variety instead of just clothes. You really just never know what's going to be in your box. Then there's the frenzy in unpacking them all. My first POE hunt was about 4 years ago when I began and I remember doing the hunt and going OMG! there are so many... so I was so proud of my accomplishment in finishing all 200+ stores!

The nail polish that I am wearing is NOT a POE gift, it's called Monsieur Snowflake which is by Dark Passions (Creator Bcreative Wilde Heart) that I picked up at the Thrift Shop that ended on November 30th, but I couldn't not showcase these fabulous looking nails and I am holding the globe that the hunt prizes are in.

Pose Used: Vanity Flair 3 by Image Essentials Poses and props by Kay Weston

Namrah's Look:
Skin: Glam Affair Amberly/American (Creator aida Ewing)
Slink Hands: Casual feet High (Creator Siddean Munro)
Eyes: IKON- Eternal Eyes: Sea (Creator: Ikon Innovia)
Hair: Truth  Dariela   (Creator Truth Hawks)
Wedding Ring: .:L&B:. "Celtic Femme" (Creators: Lapointe & BastChild Designs
Outfit:~Sassy!~ Ripples gown  (Creator: Ivy Burner) ~!POE7 Hunt Gift!~
~Blacklace Beauty~ Hi-Gloss Lips Clear (Creator Gemini Galatea)
*GaA* Mesh Lashes Mysteria (Creator Gael Streeter)
Dark Passions  Monsieur Snowflake (Creator BCreative Wilde Heart)