Saturday, February 22, 2014

2 Chez Mega goodies!!!!!

Gisele Grizot of  Chez Gigi, MIA Island has been a very busy lady! She is working her fingers to the bone bringing us all these amazing new creations! Everyday this week has been like Christmas! It's exciting I never know what I am going to find. AND she is now working with Fitted Mesh! My viewer doesn't support it (yet) but I am looking for one that does so I can bring you her new incredible fitted mesh. My partner Cedric is so over the moon with the new fitted mesh that it's all he talks about sometimes! ~chuckles~ Anyways, enough of my rambling and on with the beauties!

               ***** FITTED MESH****
Picture for this note shown in my blog entry because my viewer doesn't like it yet, but I wanted to showcase the link for those who's viewers do supported fitted mesh!

*•.♥.•* 2Chez Salome Mini Dress  ♥•*
with 8 Color Hud, 5 sizes, Rigged Mesh
199 L

I love the fact that Gisele always has huds because I can wear the same dress or outfit and have so many different looks and styles. This dress is sleek and super sexy. My partner likes me a little on the "chunky side" so it's wonderful that this comes in 5 different sizes to fit most shapes and looks!

*•.♥.•* 2Chez Salome Black Mini Dress  ♥•*
with optional tank
5 sizes Rigged Mesh
 129 L
Same dress as above but just comes in black, you can choose to wear the dress with or without the tank!

*•.♥.•* 2Chez  Sabine Black  ♥•*
Mesh Jacket, Black Boots 
and System Jeans
150 L
I have to admit, I hate coats in real life. HATE them. I live in the midwest so it's one of those things we're stuck wearing, but I LOVE coats in Second Life. Maybe because they're just cute and sexy and I can't find coats like this in real life that fit me right. Who knows! This is a complete outfit from jacket to pants to boots! You just can't go wrong.

*•.♥.•* 2Chez Sabine Tan  ♥•*
Mesh Jacket, Brown Boots
System Jeans
150 L

*•.♥.•* 2Chez Linnet Skimpy Mini    ♥•*
with 8 Texture Hud, in 5 Rigged
Mesh Sizes
101 L

I adore sexy mini dresses. Cedric loves to see very little fabric and lots of skin so this just fits right in with that. I did have to adjust my shape especially my boobs for this outfit, and a little around the back. It has a drop back. I really should have showed how sexy the back of this dress is but you should just run out and buy it:P and you will see for yourself. And so many vivid colors too!

*•.♥.•* 2Chez Scout Cargo Outfit   ♥•*
Tank, Pants, Boots, and Accessories
199 L
I've had this in my inventory now for about a week. I've worn it a few times, and have tried to figure out just how I wanted to show case this adorable military-ish outfit. I was flying around our sim tonight looking for the perfect spot and it was funny because I wound up in my "sanctuary" at the highest point of our sim, stairing at the tree I'm kneeling beside, flipping through my pose hud and was like.. "Hmmms, I wonder how this would look" and well that's why you have these two pictures. It's amusing to me sometimes how you can have something and you try to think of how you want to showcase it then it call comes together. :)
This outfit includes, tank, padlock necklace, bangles, jeans, and heeled boots! SQUEAL BOOTS!

*•.♥.•* 2Chez  Peggy Mesh Jacket  ♥•*
8 Color Hud, Rigged Mesh in 5 sizes 
plus fitted mesh
101 L

MORE coats! I love these, they just looked so comfy. I thought Cedric was going to throttle me when I said 'I NEED SNOW!" So he pulled out one of his magic huds and made it snow on me!