Friday, May 9, 2014

2 Chez SHOES, SHOES, SHOES and well SHOES!

What girl doesn't love shoes? What girl doesn't love SLINK shoes? So this post is all about shoeeees!!! Squeels in delight! The shoes are fantastic and the prices are almost unbeatable! :) if you like shoes, then head to marketplace or her main store and shop, shop, and shop some more!

IN my last post of 2 Chez New Releases Galore, one of the last pictures included this outfit:

In that outfit are these shoes... i wanted to do a close up of them!
 *•.♥.•*  CGG Palm Beach Creme ♥•*
For Slink high Feet (not included)

 *•.♥.•*  CGG Palm Beach Black ♥•*
101 L
For Slink High (feet not included)

*•.♥.•*  CGG Palm Beach Blue ♥•*
101 L
For Slink high (feet not included)

            *•.♥.•*  CGG Palm Beach Red ♥•*

           *•.♥.•*  CGG Paris Red Cross  ♥•*
101 L

          *•.♥.•*  CGG Tampico Heels with Hud ♥•*
  These are for both slink Medium and regular avatar feet

101 L 
(SERIOUSLY! 8 choices... just 101 Lindens!)

Why are you still here? WHY AREN'T YOU SHOPPING?!?! :))

Important links to help your journey

I've given you all the links to the shoes themselves, BUT if you're adventurous and want more:


2 Chez: New Releases GALORE!!!!!!!

Wowzers! Gisele has been creating and creating and creating! I'm way behind on my blogging for her but thankfully she's pretty patient and hasn't kicked me in the tush. Tonight Cedric and I decided to go sim visiting so I could get some pictures taken and he got behind the camera and I played dress up. Here are just a FEW of 2 Chez's NEWest releases.. Links are included with each picture. I hope you're as delighted as I am by these wonderful clothes!

*•.♥.•*  2Chez-Anais-Black-Leather Jacket ♥•*
Mini Skirt with Leather Lizard Boots
199 L

Feeling a little bit rocker, and a little bit glamorous. We had to stop and pose beside this wall that said Music. Thankfully no zombies came out to hunt tonight!

*•.♥.•*  2Chez-Anais-Fuchsia Leather Jacket ♥•*
Pants and Pumps
199 L

Pumps can be worn with regular feet, or medium slink feet

(Hair by .ploom)

*•.♥.•*  2Chez-Rocker Leather Belted pants ♥•*
with Bandeau Tank top, and boots
149 L

Rawkin out with this sweet outfit. Peeking around the corners making sure zombies won't hunt me!

*•.♥.•*  2Chez-Shelly Red  ♥•*
Leather Vest, T-Shirt, pants, boots and armbands
199 L

Thinking about a tat... not sure I want one from this seedy joint, but man I look sexy while I decide, and I love admiring that sexy hunk back behind me. Very nice eye candy. :)

*•.♥.•*  2Chez-Trilby Red  ♥•*
Black pants, Clogs, sexy red tank
199 L
Please.. I have attitude and I know how to use it.. Just talk to the hand. (We were vastly amused by the SL sign and felt this outfit just rocked the attitude that the sign needed.)

*•.♥.•*  2Chez-Celeste  ♥•*
Buttered Carmel Dress with Jacket and pumps
199 L
These pumps work with the SLINK HIGH feet (not included)
Sometimes it's best to just get down to business and seriously if you have complaints? Well, the filing system is right behind me. But I know that you'll never have any complaints with 2 Chez clothes, they are wonderful. And the shoes that come with this outfit... You'll see them in an upcoming post with more shoes... They're for both slink high feet and regular feet! How cool is that for just 199L shoes, and a full outfit. This also comes in fitted mesh!

Namrah's Look and other things to help you shop:
Dress: All clothes by 2 Chez
Shape: Panda Punx Nurse Vixen (I bought this on Marketplace)
Hair: .ploom In-World Becca at .ploom marketplace
Also worn: ploom: Chance, Magika Such Such Demo and Truth Maiko @ Arcade (not available unless it's available in the store or at gacha sales events)
Slink Hands: Casual Feet High amd Medium
Eyes: IKON-Mesa (Past group gift from January)
Eyelashes: - DAMNED - Eyelashes
Jewelry: . a i s l i n g .  Simple Nosechain / Silver (Free from We <3 Roleplay ) TYVM!
Poses used:
.ploom My Lady and moods,
Wetcat down low,
The talk to the hand pose is by Eternal Dream

Dusty Heights I was pleased that we could rez here, it looks like a zombie sim with lots of offerings (Themed events 1k split every Saturday night.  Dingy lost pub in a part of the city that's been forgotten. Rock tunes, live shows, shopping, games, greedy, u-know, zyngo, chess, sploders, trivia, zombies, other games. ) Just remember to please clean up after yourself!)