Sunday, March 9, 2014

Our Wedding Day 3/8/2014

I've been kind of quiet this week because we were gearing up for our wedding and I had a bunch of things in real life that I had to get done so that nothing would interfere in our big day.

I want to say a special thank you to some amazing people for making this day what it was.

First to Cedric, my Master, husband, best friend. You continue to surprise me and support me. I love you.

To Everlasting Moments: Rea Diavolo  (Legacy name: luvvable.fimicoloud), Caiti Baxton-SerraBella (Legacy Name: caitlin.mirabella), Aierwon Baxton-SerraBella (Legacy Name: aierwon.serrari) and all the staff at Everlasting Moments.

Rea, the owner of Everlasting moments, from the get go she got us. Both she and Caiti just got us. They were fun, and their personalities drew us in. Plus their venues were just breathtaking so we knew we'd be in good hands. Rea stepped into the coordinator position right in the middle and she was handed kind of a mess because everything was still in the discussion stages. She didn't let that slow her down at all. She was always just a message away for us at any given time. Rea is just an amazing person and getting to know her has been a blast. She and her staff made our wedding run so smoothly, there weren't any major hiccups and the hiccups we did have just made the day that more special.

Caiti and Aierwon: What a duo these two are. Caiti I think is going to be my new gacha buddy, lol. Don't tell Master please! LOL. She was our first contact with Everlasting Moments and just wow. Such a doll literally and just a doll. :) I am in awe of how much this woman can do. Between her and Rea and her other marvelous elves, they made our wedding a beautiful dream. With a few ideas and us not knowing really knowing what we wanted because we had all these thoughts they came through above and beyond what we expected. And Sir Aierwon, lawdy he's a wonderful minister! He helped us with our vows, and just wow. Throughout the whole thing I was just yeah an emotional wreck it was my wedding day!!!!!

Thank you so much to Everlasting Moments for making our dream wedding come true.

To Foxie Dinzeo ( Legacy Name: foxie.okelly) All the pictures in this blog post are by her not by me. She is our amazing photographer. We are a very photo loving couple, lol. and she just did wonderful with SL lightening and camera shots. Over 200 pictures and there's NOT one I'm disappointed with. Foxie captured us beautifully and even got some really great shots of our friends. Thank you for being so willing to take so many pictures!

Goo Productions

The Venue

Bridal party

From Left to Right: Kat, Tanger, me and Bambi
Bridal Gown By Tori Stylez
Bridesmaid dresses by 2 Chez
My Jewelry: {Me} With Love but picked up at Whore Couture
My Hair by Truth

Groom and Bridesmaids

His tux is by Lapointe & Bastchilde

Other important people
 My Sl Dad Abbadon Soulstar walking me down the aisle

Sir Aierwon Baxton-SerraBella
 Sir Gavin stop looking down my dress! (giggles!)
 Full Bridal Party:
kat, Bambi, Tanger, me, Cedric, Sokoda, Sir Seth, Sir Gavin, and Sir Abbadon
 Sokoda and Tanger. (She looks like she's about to eat Him up!)
 Sir Abbadon and our delicious friend Freed
 Abbadon and I with Master and Kat in the back dancing
Master and our friend Corrbin, treasured kitten of the family.

Not in the order of the wedding but some of our favorites.
 Introducing Mr and Mrs. Cedric Fralto
 "I love you forever Master"
"Will you promise to love, cherish and obey?" 
"I see my whole future when I look into your eyes, filled with happiness, love and joy."
"nom nom.. Cake by Lapointe & Bastchild
 Dancing with the love of my life
 "I'm never letting you go girl"

 "I DO I DO I DO!"
Kissing of the bride

 "To a long and happy life together"
Posing pretty
Ready, waiting... lets do this!
"I'm ready now where is she?"
"Listen close girl...." Secrets, naughty delicious secrets!