Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Rock Attitude Hunt continued

Tonight, this hunt didn't run as smoothly as the first half of the hunt. These are stores 29-49. The hints on some are just way out there, harder to find. I don't like spend 45 mins in a store (or longer) looking for hunt items, and it was very hard to figure out which stores were out of the hunt. BUT I trudged on and still managed to finish the hunt (2 days!) and found some lovely hunt gifts. SO if you can get over the obstacles, STICK with this hunt. GET to the end. I love my outfits so far.....With all that said... Let the picture's begin!!!! Remember this hunt costs 5L and Ends November 30th. Any stores I didn't include are either they're off the hunt list, or I couldn't find the hunt item. OR they were on an item I didn't have such as Slink hands/feet etc.

#29 PM Poses
This is a fun little autumn pose ball in leaves. It looks like I'm either jumping out of the leaves and scaring Him, or throwing leaves at him. Either way it'd be fun for those who have a love of taking pictures.

Hat Only... Kind of cute. I had to change my hair, I'm not sure if the hat is mod, but it is definitely cute!!!!
#31 *** VIPs Corner *** Skins & Clothes Store

Gothic Avatars
Full Male/Female Avatars

Vampire, Gothic Vampire plus outfit, AO, boots, several black long hair included. Super fun!

Demon Zombie

For the guy.. Creepy Zombie!
I messed up in my inventory trying to keep things in order and easy to find (And of course you know when you do that, something gets moved, lol.. so 32-36 MAY be out of order of what you find at the landmarks but they're all cute! So it'll be like a surprise for you!

 (these stores AREN'T Located together, but I combined the outfit)

 are the black spiked, half hoop earrings

Purple Sweater Dress

VERY Cute Skull Tube Dress several sizes

There's also a skin at this location (It's on a table very near where the hunt item is found, IF I remember right it's a freebie, it has the mouth sewn shut.


These pictures truly do not give these adorable shorts justice. They're colorful, short short, and sexxxxy.
Includes Phat Azz appliers

.:ellabella:. Rockin' Out Necklace


PELLE - EMILY DARK LIPS CROS  A very pale skin

If you have never ever been to Blacklace, this is a MUST in Second Life Lingerie, the creator Mariska Simnos is amazing. She exudes what customer service should be like. Her staff is friendly, helpful and overall the bomb. Blacklace also provides clothes for both male and female as well as make up. (AlphaMale and Blacklace Beauty) 
~Blacklace~ Kylie:  Blk & White Cross Mesh Bustier: sizes XL, to XSmall

^v^DRBC^v^ Batty Lucinda Dress

Mask, Net top, high waisted shorts. Includes Tango Applier, stockings and boots. (Not shown is a razor blade on the tongue)
I wanted to show the cuteness of this outfit so you get two pictures for the price of one. I didn't feel I would give this justice if i tried to take a picture of the full outfit. 


This is a very adorable little dress. I'm tucking this into my Halloween Dress folder, but really could be used any season or out for a night clubbing through Second Life.


This store has a HIS and HER gift... 
First for Her:

Smoke Weed, Kill Zombies with two gun holsters on the right and left side (under the armpits) comes in various sizes PLUS Lola Tango's 

For HIM:

This also comes in several sizes.

The owner of this store is a complete doll, she's cute, she's adorable and a hoot! And boy does she know how to hide her prizes!!!!!! I promised her i wouldn't give an exact location but don't take the clue literal like I did. She may have moved what I was looking at by now because I was hunting before Halloween. But this item is SMALL, and it's going to blow your mind when you find it. So read the clue, then read the clue again carefully. It's not to far off from the door so if you wander to the back of the store well you're ICE COLD! Go back to the front of the store.. This little flaming crown is your reward. Very cute! Her store includes a lot of Lola Tangos, and other appliers. She's very friendly and helpful. Stop in and give her a hello! Her VIP group gifts are also cool. 


ooo... If you like to get stabbed this is the outfit for you. Cute dress, with tee. (Wear with or without if you want to feel naughty) Comes with tango appliers.

I love Rock, skull crop top. Very cute! I totally love this. :) 

Adorable knee length dress, mint green. 

#49 Sugar & Cyanide :

 This outfit is super sexy. Comes with appliers for both tango and Slink. (I don't have slink hands/feet yet but that's in my future!)