Sunday, December 6, 2015

~Turn me on

Like a flower waiting to bloom 
Like a lightbulb in a dark room 
I'm just sitting here waiting for you 
To come on home and turn me on
~song by Nora Jones "Turn me on"

~I needed to kneel because I wanted to, because I was inspired too not because it was required. It was a deep ache within me. Kneel, show my submission. Show Him that I needed and loved Him. Lately though I haven't felt that need, that hunger, that inspiration and I know that it's something I need to refind. So I slid into this new body suit by Glittz. I slide my legs into the lacy, slowly pulling it up my body. Feeling it encase me. I took a deep breath, my eyes closed and I knew.. I knew , and I knew I wanted to kneel again. I felt elegant yet sexy. It plays hide and seek with your senses leaving you wanting, needing more. I continued pulling it up blushing abit as I saw myself in my bedroom mirror and could see part of my bottom, then slide my arms into the sleeves fitting it to the rest of my body. I was in love.. and I knew that Cedric would be pleased when He came home. 

So, as I waited, I sat in front of my mirror to apply my red lipstick because I feel every naughty girl needs to have red lipsticks, then a very carefully applied a heart to them wanting to express my heartfelt gratitude on how he makes me feel. (Okay cheesy I know even for me.) Then I painted my nails wanting to look pretty for Him. The lipstick was easy to do with La Boheme's help and my nail polish was done by Dark Passions. Many color choices to the lipstick and below are your color choices for the nail polish. Snowflakes and snowflakes with little skulls in the center. You can be elegant and gothic all at the same time!

The time was drawing near for Him to be home. I was excited, I was nervous but I knew that He'd be pleased with all my hard work. So I settled to my knees and waited.....


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Namrah's Look:

Slink: Hands (Casual) Feet (High) | Siddean Munro
Mesh Body: Maitreya Mesh Body Lara V3.0 | Onyx LeShelle
Skin: Glam Affair - Amberly | Aida Ewing

[Glitzz]  Eliza Body suit with sexy back necklace  - | ℒϊssค βØЋм (lissa.bohm) @ Winter Trend

DP - Koffin Nails - Dark December | BCreative Wilde @ Winter Trend
La Boheme |Santana Lumiere
[LB Kissable Lips] Heart 1 @ We <3 Roleplay
[White~Widow] Neverland - Black | Julie Hastings @ December 2015 Enchantement

[e] Karee | Elika Tiramisu (elikapeka.tiramisu)
IKON Eternal Eyes~ Sea| Ikon Innovia)

Pose-Something New/Something Erotic: SE~ Ho Ho Sexy Ho Pack ?Allyson Dwyer @ Naughty or Nice