Sunday, January 25, 2015

Mother Natures Child

Phew! I am very excited this week to bring you a NEW release from 2 Chez. I unpacked this about Wed, and was like ohmygoodnessIjustgottablogthat!!!! *giggles* So yeah, so I put it on and have been wearing it since. I played around with some different poses/lights on a new sim I found so I'm really thrilled with how my pictures came out and then of course today Cedric had a day off so He took some super fabulous ones too.

I have a few things to share with you today. In the first photo I am wearing La Boheme's makeup and nail polish. I went with a darker tone in my make up today because I felt this outfit needed a more earthy feel to it and La Boheme really followed through with that for me.

Eye Make-Up: Glamour Eyes-Electric Green (Multiple goodies to be found within this purchase.)
Lipstick: Glossy Wine (This is a fat pack of 10 different colors with a glossy overlay, from light to a dark rich wine color.)
Nail Polish: Bloom (10 different color choices!)

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*•.♥.•* 2 Chez Mother Nature's Child *•.♥.•*
Pose: Purple Poses Jane (6 different stands)

My outfit is by 2 Chez, Gigi is pumping out clothes left and right and she never fails in her product quality. I am so uber impressed with her clothes. Why you ask? BECAUSE! I can wear these on my normal avatar, I can wear these on my Slink physique and ... yes.... here it comes,  you can wear them on your Maitreya bodies too! I'm sure they'll work with other mesh bodies, the two I have are the Slink and the Maitreya. SO I'm just thrilled about that! ALSO, this time she's included shoes and accessories. Everything but my wedding ring is found in this outfit. Both bracelets, necklace, and shoes.. yus! SWEET! ALL for a very lose price of only 199L I mean really verry rarely can you buy a freaking pair of shoes on SL anymore for that price and they're awesome awesome shoes!

The last thing I want to share with you is my wonderful new hair by .ploom. This is a new release by Heylanwe Vindaloo and I love it! I love the side braid and the curling long locks. So beautiful. This new hair is called Siri and you can buy this for a limited time on sale My Attic @ the Deck this event runs from Jan 21st to Jan 31st. This is one of those events that I feel gets overlooked and I'm not sure why. I always see lots of things I have to have here. All items during the duration of the event are 95L I mean hair for 95L? PLOOM HAIR for 95L!!!! There are quite a few wonderful creators at this event so you should hurry up before it's over on January 31st! The theme for Jan is Temptation, which is perfect I think because you'll be tempted to buy lots, and if you're like me you will!

Creator Highlights

La Boheme
Creator Santana LumiereIn-World

Links to featured La Boheme worn in this post:
Glossy Wine Lips
Bloom Nail Polish
The glarmour eyes you'll have to go in world to her amazing store and snag them! It's well worth the tirp though.

2 Chez
Creator Gisele Grizot

Creator: Helyanwe Vindaloo

Standing poses from Purple Poses
Other poses from items on location at The Bayou BEAUTIFUL Sim for pictures, dancing and cuddling.

Dreaming Second Life Flickr

Namrah's Look (not already posted)

Glam Affair (Creator (aida Ewing) - Amberly - America
Slink: (Creator Siddean Munro) Hands (Casual) Feet (High)
Mesy Body: (Creator: Onyx LeShelle) Maitreya Mesh Body Lara V2Skin: Glam Affair-Amberly America
 IKON (Creator Ikon Innovia) Hope Eyes: Emerald
.:L&B:. (Creators Lapointe & BastChild Designs) "Celtic Femme" Wedding Ring - Platinum v2

Song inspiriation Coldplay "The Scientist":