Monday, March 3, 2014

Whore Couture

Good things come to good girls who wait. :) Well, I'm not really a good girl, I sadly procrastinate sometimes, so this girl had to be good and prioritize her weekend. Homework, wedding planning, blogging. *pouts* mean husband to be!

But if you know anything about SL you know ALL about Whore Couture

This will be the second time I've attended, first time to blog, and I'm just blogging things I like and found that were to my tastes. :) Not blogging for the event itself, just sexy yummy whorish goodies!

I grabbed my best girl Corrbin and off we went! We finally got in, we battled the lag, we fought with rezzing and we had a blast!

Wings Shirt, Skirt girl, stockings and roller skates! I saw this outfit and just *had* to have it! Loved it.. I stood there and drooled, argued with myself then just KNEW I had to have it. I'm a new hostess for Rosewould and thought this would be super cute for my first shift! It's so flirty and fun!
There are several different looks, 3 different outfits, each have a hud to change the look in 3 different ways. :) Sorry my tummy is peeking out gotta adjust that pregnant belly some.

Found at Whore Couture:
Doll Necklace free gift by Ryca at Whore Couture but store link:


Visit, add .. you're welcome!

My  skin is by Deluxe Body Factory
Hair by .Ploom
Eyes by Dankia

RVi Designs Presents MESH!

Roshy knows me well! I was so excited to see some of her new items coming out. MESH! I love mesh, I love dragons and anything medieval as we have a huge castle and I'm always looking for things to put in those "hard to place spots" This week she has two items that could go perfectly in any castle or medieval spot! Or if you just like dragons!

*•.♥.•* St. George Coat of Arms    ♥•*
Mounted Dragon Head


 Pictures really do not do these dragon head justice. On the next set of pictures, I zoomed in so you could see the details that are on the dragons. The first picture above, I put the coat of arms inside Cedric's throne room on either side of the stair case. They looked wonderful there! These are mesh items, so they're lower prim then most things like this. You will definitely be charmed by these.

*•.♥.•* Mounted Dragon Head    ♥•*


I tried getting in close so you could see the quality of the dragons. The eyes have a glowing tint. The wood looks like the wood above, I just modified it abit and darkened it up to my tastes.

*•.♥.•* Random Fairy Egg   ♥•*
Mesh Fairy Egg Vendor

For anyone that owns breedables, or a store, this should be a MUST have for your sale area. This is a random gift giving vendor. You can put eggs inside, any thing really, some even use it as a gacha! Other breedables, anything that you can think of to vend. It's really beautiful. I did tint the base black and turned the full bright off, but left the full bright on the egg. I love this. I actually may leave it out even though I won't use it as a vendor. So it works for both fairy breeders or just fairy lovers. It's just to beautiful not to own.

25% OFF SALE ITEM!!!!!

*•.♥.•* Four Leaf Clover Tip Jar   ♥•*

(Regular price 50L)
With St. Patrick's Day fast upon us, what a wonderful tip jar to celebrate the Irish? What you can't see is that it does have particles, and has a cute saying above it. This is such an affordable piece! If you DJ or host this would be a nice addition to your tip jar collection!

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