Friday, November 22, 2013

Hunt for Your Inner Slut 5 Prizes 1 - 10

I have always enjoyed this hunt. I don't always unpack everything I get right away, so you know how that goes, inventory stockpile! But this year because I want to blog some of my favorite hunts, I'm ontop of it.

This hunt is FREE! Yes FREE! From November 15th to December 15th. Plenty of time left to do it, but don't wait! These prizes are to good to wait!!!

The hunt blog is here: there is a hint page so if you get stuck on a store, just use the blog to go onto the next one. Some of the stores are harder then others, but overall this was a pretty easy hunt. Took me about 3 days to do it all because of real life, work, school and taking care of my sick mom, but I finally got it done. (A few days later I did this hunt with 2 friends and we got it done in about 2.5 hours with a few real life interruptions.

GRAB your hunt Buddy and get busy!!! Have some fun, have some laughs there are some pretty excellent stores on this hunt so if you get distracted easily well enjoy!! Just make sure you take plenty of Linden in your purse or pockets with you!!! Many midnight mania boards, a lot of Lucky Chairs. I've never done the Gachia's, but they seem fun so there are plenty of those too.. And remember look under these sometimes, many stores plant them in these areas. (You'll thank me for that hint later, lol)

Thank you Corrbin Resident for helping me with those few stores I couldn't find. She's an amazing hunter, and an amazing friend. Thanks babe *mwah*

Thank you to CedricFralto Resident, my amazing Master for not only putting up with me doing hunts, doing my blog but also for being the male model in some of my pictures when I needed a partner. MmmmMmm!

The first stop for you BDSM lovers is MP Noir. Yummy toys. We own several from this store, so wander around, get lost and then find your hunt item.
HYIS5 #001 - MP Noir 
Picture Removed
BDSM Chair and table with many sexy menus to play with and use!
HYIS5 #002 Gatherings Blue Pearl Lingerie

Picture Removed
Blue Pearl Lingerie (Implant/PA ready)
Tango Appliers, Busty Appliers, Phat Azz Appliers included
HYIS5 #003 - BEAN

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Poof Bean Bag Chair, lots of cute little goodies in this adorable little chair. No one would know it had such yummy goodies inside.  Very Discrete toy!
HYIS5 #004 Style by Panda
Very adorable Bra and Thong set. 
Male and Female prize
HYIS5 #005 - ModaMia Fashions
Link Phat Azz Applier, Brazilia Applier, and Tango Appliers
HYIS5 #006 - Razor
 Back of this adorable Shrug.

Picture Removed
Peek a boo I see you! Rawr! Sexy, naughty and delicious all at the same time. Razor is one of the better MESH clothing stores for both Men and Women includes Tango Applier
HYIS5 #007 - Heart&Soul
What a scrumptious surprise! I know the creator of Heart & Soul and I have to say this was a delightful little goodie. I can't wait until we place this in our dungeon. MmmmmMmm the menu has lots of goodies, but this was the "cleanest" that I felt I could comfortably put on my blog. You will love this prize! And check out the store Heart and Soul, you won't be disappointed.
HYIS5 #008 - Kabuki Creations

Picture Removed
WELL! If we're going to be naughty, lets just be N A U G H T Y!!!! *giggles* Kabuki Creations for all your animation needs from pose ball animations, full perms and more. This store is always loaded down with lots of hunt prizes and you'll always love what you find. 
HYIS5 #009 - ! ellemeno !

 Comes with Tango and Phat Azz Appliers, Brazilia Appliers and Slink (for the socks)

Sexy gold mini dress. Sadly this doesn't come with appliers, but it's still DELISH as is!