Monday, February 24, 2014

RVi Design Goodies

It's been awhile since I've featured something from RVi Design. Roshy has some exciting new things happening. For one, she's moved to a new location! So exciting. The store looks amazing so please go check it out. She has some hunts going on, lots of sales, and a lot of new items as she begins to explore the world of Mesh! If you're a Mesh junky like I am, you'll be thrilled by her new creations.

*•.♥.•* Renaissance Wall Decor   ♥•*
La Bella
by Palma il Vecchio

The wall art is by RVi Design, it's the LaBella. The roses as well as the table are all by RVi Design.

*•.♥.•* Love is in the Air   ♥•*
Red Roses Balloons
Love is in the air. This wearable swing is so much fun. You just wear it, and fly thing that you can't see in our pictures is the fact that it has little hearts that emit from it.

*•.♥.•* Red Rose Bouquet   ♥•*
Who doesn't want high quality roses? These are in a glass vase. The table is also from the outlet store.

*•.♥.•* Gate Torch   ♥•*

These gate torches looked wonderful in front of our castle, right in front of the main doors to our house. I'm sure you could put them anywhere. I placed them several places before deciding on the entry to our home.

*•.♥.•* Single Candle Mesh  ♥•*

This Mesh Candle is one of RVi Design's new mesh items. I have this one sitting on our mantle in one of the many rooms of our Castle.

*•.♥.•* Stone Garden Bridge   ♥•*
with 4 planters
300 L

I love outdoor things, bridges to be exact, lol. Our sim is covered with bridges because we have a homestead with lots of water so I have to have a bridge to connect things. When I saw this bridge, I just had to have it for my little 'fantasy' area that leads up to where I keep all my breedable pets and my waterfall. 

Some helpful links to help your journey: 

Saturday, February 22, 2014

2 Chez Mega goodies!!!!!

Gisele Grizot of  Chez Gigi, MIA Island has been a very busy lady! She is working her fingers to the bone bringing us all these amazing new creations! Everyday this week has been like Christmas! It's exciting I never know what I am going to find. AND she is now working with Fitted Mesh! My viewer doesn't support it (yet) but I am looking for one that does so I can bring you her new incredible fitted mesh. My partner Cedric is so over the moon with the new fitted mesh that it's all he talks about sometimes! ~chuckles~ Anyways, enough of my rambling and on with the beauties!

               ***** FITTED MESH****
Picture for this note shown in my blog entry because my viewer doesn't like it yet, but I wanted to showcase the link for those who's viewers do supported fitted mesh!

*•.♥.•* 2Chez Salome Mini Dress  ♥•*
with 8 Color Hud, 5 sizes, Rigged Mesh
199 L

I love the fact that Gisele always has huds because I can wear the same dress or outfit and have so many different looks and styles. This dress is sleek and super sexy. My partner likes me a little on the "chunky side" so it's wonderful that this comes in 5 different sizes to fit most shapes and looks!

*•.♥.•* 2Chez Salome Black Mini Dress  ♥•*
with optional tank
5 sizes Rigged Mesh
 129 L
Same dress as above but just comes in black, you can choose to wear the dress with or without the tank!

*•.♥.•* 2Chez  Sabine Black  ♥•*
Mesh Jacket, Black Boots 
and System Jeans
150 L
I have to admit, I hate coats in real life. HATE them. I live in the midwest so it's one of those things we're stuck wearing, but I LOVE coats in Second Life. Maybe because they're just cute and sexy and I can't find coats like this in real life that fit me right. Who knows! This is a complete outfit from jacket to pants to boots! You just can't go wrong.

*•.♥.•* 2Chez Sabine Tan  ♥•*
Mesh Jacket, Brown Boots
System Jeans
150 L

*•.♥.•* 2Chez Linnet Skimpy Mini    ♥•*
with 8 Texture Hud, in 5 Rigged
Mesh Sizes
101 L

I adore sexy mini dresses. Cedric loves to see very little fabric and lots of skin so this just fits right in with that. I did have to adjust my shape especially my boobs for this outfit, and a little around the back. It has a drop back. I really should have showed how sexy the back of this dress is but you should just run out and buy it:P and you will see for yourself. And so many vivid colors too!

*•.♥.•* 2Chez Scout Cargo Outfit   ♥•*
Tank, Pants, Boots, and Accessories
199 L
I've had this in my inventory now for about a week. I've worn it a few times, and have tried to figure out just how I wanted to show case this adorable military-ish outfit. I was flying around our sim tonight looking for the perfect spot and it was funny because I wound up in my "sanctuary" at the highest point of our sim, stairing at the tree I'm kneeling beside, flipping through my pose hud and was like.. "Hmmms, I wonder how this would look" and well that's why you have these two pictures. It's amusing to me sometimes how you can have something and you try to think of how you want to showcase it then it call comes together. :)
This outfit includes, tank, padlock necklace, bangles, jeans, and heeled boots! SQUEAL BOOTS!

*•.♥.•* 2Chez  Peggy Mesh Jacket  ♥•*
8 Color Hud, Rigged Mesh in 5 sizes 
plus fitted mesh
101 L

MORE coats! I love these, they just looked so comfy. I thought Cedric was going to throttle me when I said 'I NEED SNOW!" So he pulled out one of his magic huds and made it snow on me!

Sunday, February 16, 2014

2 Chez Comfy, Classy, School girl? Delish! NEW!!!!!!!

Phew! what a week. One more crazy week for me and running from one end of town to the other as well as various towns 20-30 mins away from me for real life stuff. Classes are semi caught up and I took some very much needed "me" time today to blog. 

When you're on marketplace, if you search from "Newest first, you will always find Gisele's newest items at the top! But always always always! browse her whole store for past fantastic clothes!

*•.♥.•* 2Chez Hearts & Bones   ♥•*
Rigged Pants, Tank, Boots, and Bangles

129 L

For the girl that likes to be casual but sexy this is a super cute outfit comes with two different tops, and red boots. (Mine happen to be black)

**•.♥.•* 2Chez Vivid Wash Denim Outfit  ♥•*
Shorts & Hood with 8 Color Hud choices

199 L

I love my casual clothes as much as I love my dressy clothes. I am not sure why this outfit reminded me of something someone would wear to school but it did. The colors are beautiful and vibrant. This outfit comes with hoodie, shorts and shoes (not pictured) I love this outfit because it's just so comfortable to just lounge around SL and be comfortable in.

*•.♥.•* Vivi Indigo  ♥•*
Denimn Shorts, Sweater, Socks and Boots

129 L

Another outfit that I felt belonged in a school. So if you're feeling a little frisky to being the teacher's pet, slide this outfit on just enough skin showing here and there for a gentle seduction. Or just to shop around the grid. Your choice! Comes with shirt, shorts, socks and boots.

Thursday, February 13, 2014

One Billion and Rising

Several days ago, someone posted their web page link to their "One Billion" pose that was sent through the the group Image Essentials. I don't know how I've never heard of this, perhaps because I do live under a rock? I don't know, but it touched me deeply. Normally, I don't post personal things about me. With this blog entry, it's going to be hard NOT to get personal.

I am an adult SURVIVOR of child abuse. I say survivor because I never let my abuse make me a victim. 1 Billion Rising against Justice is an amazing campaign. The campaign can be found here: I'm not going to spout statistic because that's not what my blog is about. But I feel very strongly about justice, about supporting the women who have survived, who are going through it.

In the Image Essential group we were asked to use this post, to take pictures and post on Valentines Day. I debated long and hard on what exactly I wanted to do to support this wonderful campaign, yet filled with sadness at the same time that we have to have something like this. Of Breaking the Chain, the cycle of domestic violence. In the past I have been asked "how can you be against violence when you're submissive and you live in a bdsm relationship and you enjoy being spanked and more." Well, there's one difference between a HEALTHY BDSM relationship and Domestic Violence. For one it's consensual. I consent to to what's being done to me, and when I have had enough I can say "Please stop" and it stops. The woman, child, man, whoever it is in domestic violence does not have that option. Sometimes when they beg for it to stop it only continues. Sadly. It's heart breaking to know that there is so much domestic violence in this world. That there are so many injustices against not only domestic violence, but children with disabilities, those who are gay, those who are different. We need to stand up, and fight for the freedom of being Americans, of being us. For being true to ourselves. IT's organizations like One Billion Rising that fight and make things happen. I know that my words will only touch a very few people but if we all reach out, we'll touch more and they'll touch more and the word will get out.

Thank you for reading, thank you for supporting. Thank you for fighting for what is right and for what is good in this world.

I am taking a different approach to my One Billion Rising pose... Women are beautiful, sexy. We are everything that men are not and more, just like they are everything we are not and more. A woman's body is soft, elegant, sensual. A woman's body should be loved, adored, cherished. Captivating is a woman's form. A woman is a secret that can't be wait to be told, heard, treasured. A woman holds many mysteries, and sometimes she can be a very open book. The body of the woman is beautiful in every form. Inside and out.

After much thought, I decided to reach out to my friends, and the Image Essential group. Thank you to Kay Weston who pulled amazing people in the group to come help. Some of my friends joined in and some of the group joined in and we had a fun (I HOPE!) photo shoot. I've never taken a picture of so many people! I never realized how hard it was to get people in the right place, make sure people are rezzed. Hair bases in tact. Phew! I think I'll stick to smaller in the future but it definitely was fun and a learning experience.

Now if I photo shopped, I would probably photo shop the logo

Here are our endeavors:

Here are some important Links The first two links are always available

 RL website:
SL website:

These Links OPEN ON FEBRUARY 14th 2014

OBR 2013 SL video:
OBR Release SLURL:
OBR Justice SLURL:

Special thanks to Image Essentials and Kay Weston for allowing us to use the Image Essential Sim

I tried catching everyone's names so if I missed someone, my deepest apologies it was not my intention.

Cast of Characters and many many thank yous:

Syn (somethingnew2012)
Kay (Kay weston)
Armalla (Haisley)
Heather (heatherdawn)
tabytha tabythasong
Stone Pernial
Bonadea Avedon
Kat Dollinger
Cedric Fralto
Merry Bella (dancingangie
Fire Enderas (Kay Hareshide)
Amber (ambereff)
тιηι cαρтαιη нσввℓєѕ (taisynn)
Jadey Ghost (Krystinjade)
Sir Maxbo
Lysana Kel Firebride McMillian (lysana mcmillian)
Jadsia Black (black direwytch)
ღ Marit ღ (annemarit.jarvinen)
Frozen Rage (Sinister Minister)
Dakota Xavorin
Tori Xavoron (Torid silverweb)
 Grizel (grizel.halberstadt
 Scarlett Qi

Monday, February 10, 2014

2 Chez Gorgeous new goodies

It has been a very busy week for Gisele, creating to her little hearts content. Busy week of school for me. I try to post everything several times a week so I don't have one huge entry of several items, but sadly this week that's going to happen.. BUT it's all jam packed with a variety of different styles and looks. From casual to formal, to the office to casual, to kinky and naughty to downright party all night! You will find all that and more at MIA Island is my Main Store 4 Pixeldolls Largest Outlet in SL, A Wild Hair, Chez Gigi & Gothic Rose. Do remember that you can buy all of wonderful clothes, boots and more both on marketplace or follow this link:  to her main store in world!

*•.♥.•* 2Chez Madchen Outfit   ♥•*
Jacket, Skirt, Boots, & tights

This outfit is just fun! Match it up with several different things and have many different looks.

*•.♥.•*2Chez-Enya-Mesh-Gown ♥•*


Just in time for Valentines Day, another beautiful gown. It moves with you.Even though I'm not a huge fan of pink, this gown is truly lovely.

*•.♥.•* 2 Chez Andree Studded Black*•.♥.•* 
Halter, Shorts, Sneakers
Many Different Looks

Sneakers not shown. This halter top comes in four different styles, with studs, without studs, with laces and without.  What's nice about this outfit is you can match it up with the skirt from Karine or from the Madchen outfit.

*•.♥.•* 2 Chez Lucinda Navy Blue  ♥•*
2 Piece Dress, with Boots, and Jeans


These three outfits are one of my favorites, right after I put this on to try and blog it, Cedric is like "Lets go check out this sim really quick." I had several im's from very handsome men on how sophisticated I looked! So maybe they wanted abit more, I don't know, but I'll take the compliment. I felt sophisticated enough that I could go from boardroom to dance club or to casual. Each outfit comes with it's own pair of jeans and boots. Fits like a glove! And in three different colors, Blue, Red and Black. There's a good shot of the boots in the picture with the black outfit.

*•.♥.•* 2 Chez Lucinda Navy Red  ♥•*
2 Piece Dress, with Boots, and Jeans


*•.♥.•* 2 Chez Lucinda Navy Black  ♥•*
2 Piece Dress, with Boots, and Jeans


*•.♥.•* 2 Chez Karine Pleated Mini  ♥•*
Halter, Skirt and boots


Feeling like going clubbing tonight? Slip into something studded and sexy with boots as well as the top and the skirt! Party all night long!

Friday, February 7, 2014

Final Fantasy Exclusives: More Sneak Peeks!

If you haven't already guessed, my partner Cedric and I are having fun with the upcoming Final Fantasy Festival that starts in only 2 days! Feb 7th, we're both so very excited. It's been so much fun watching Cedric get things in the blogger packs and having him do whole scenes, building sky boxes, and changing up his avatar to accommodate the amazing gifts we've received from creators.

Tonight we had to take a break from our blog to plan our wedding. :) Woot. So much fun! Now we're back to business.

I want to personally thank the founders of Final Fantasy Festival. This will be the first that we've been to, the first we've blogged so it's been so much fun!  To the creators who share their hard work with various bloggers from near and far. I have loved watching the different blogs coming up through group chat and seeing the creativity of taking your dreams and fitting them to their needs. It's just awe inspiring and makes me thankful that I'm not only a blogger, but that I'm part of such an generous and beautiful online community. I am touched daily by fashions, hunts, creators, designs, sim creations and more. I think that's what motivated me to want to blog in the first place. I wanted a place where I could show case creators from new designers to designers that have been around awhile. I think sometimes designers get lost in the shuffle and though I only touch on a small fraction of the SL community, I hope my blog helps impact the stores of these creators and events. All links will be listed at the bottom of the page.

Outfit by ♡Barely Legal Couture♡
Necklace and Earrings by: Baubles! by Phe
 Poses by //elephante (not part of Final Fantasy Festival)

Lightening girl Outfit by Masoom

 Red Skirt by RISKE
Top by Barely Legal Couture 

Poses by Hopscotch Poses (and blade!) How cool is that?!?!?! lol That was so much fun. I was like "CEDRIC WHERE ARE YOU!?" He was busy ignoring me. 

Pocket belt around thigh by Una Fantasy Collection
Outfit by Endorphin

Items featured in this blog are found here:

In-World Stores
Baubles! by Phe: Baubles!
♡Barely Legal Couture♡: 
*[QE] Designs: 
::Una:: Fantasy Clothes:
!!*~*HopScotch*~* Poses and Pose Props:

Market Place Stores
(some are included that are not posted in these pictures)

Deluxe Body Factory Skins:
Oh!Livs: (eyes):
Una Fantasy Clothes:
Firebird Designs:

Other poses used throughout are by //elephante poses:
and WetCat Flux Poses:
Skin by Deluxe Body Factory:
Hair by Truth
and by Exile