Wednesday, March 25, 2015

~Telephone Line~

Hello--how are you
Have you been alright, through all those lonely nights,
That's what I'd say, I'd tell you everything,
If you'd pick up that telephone.

Tonight's blog inspiration kind of came out of the blue by a very dear friend of mine. I won't say old friend because she has a whip, and she's not afraid to use it. This blog post is dedicated to Daddy Kristi. :) I honestly don't want to tell you how long I have known this fabulous Dyke lady but it's been a long time. We've had some ups and we've had some downs but really when the going gets tough she and I both know we have each others backs and that we'll just always be friends.

I headed over to my wifey's platform and sat on her pose stand since I am in the process of a second life move. (Only in Second Life can you move within 30 mins, tearing down everything and replanting yourself elsewhere.. but that's a whole nother store for nother time.) While trying to reminisce of days gone by. I dug into my inventory and pulled out this classy new release from No Name called the Keely Corset dress. Let me tell you this dress is just.. wowzers. I'm just continually impressed by these creators. Shelby tells me they've been around awhile.. they're a very hidden secret that I hope gets shouted loud and clear so more and more people know the name brand No Name. *nods nods her head firmly..* What's that quote 'No one hides baby in the corner.." well we should make that No Names quote "No one anymore hides No Name." Okay so I am tired, I've been up all night. Heh. :)
Pose from Something New Poses and Props Roaring 20's Pose 1 and Sassy pose 2

Recently, I added Daddy Kristi to my to my facebook page that is my SL page because she and I had reconnected on my "real life" page, lol.. and so she is always harassing me somewhere. Tonight she sent the link to the song "Telephone Line" by ELO (Electric Light Orchestra) and I was like OMG! so yeah... I probably should have found some cozy couch and sat down with a book and a telephone in hand but I never do what people think. So while I'm walking down memory lane look at these fabulous shoes! They're also by No Name called Ora Heels which are a new release available at their store. And I know Daddy Kristi has a thing for shoes.. I may have to find the kinds of shoes she likes instead of sexy ass heels. :P

Pose by Something New Poses and Props Roaring 20's Pose Set

One of the amazing things about No Name's dress and shoes in this blog post is they're hudded. This dress you can do SO MANY different things. You can change the red fabric to another color, the black fabric to different colors the skirt and bows change colors, even the metals and the white ribbing down each side of the red. AMAZING. I mean seriously so many different looks in JUST ONE DRESS! And the shoes are hudded as well. But if you're like me, you love shoes so I'm eager to buy more of their shoes! And Dresses! And tops! *nods nods nods*

So when I dress, I dress from head to toe. Every woman must. It's just... well a must. I decided I needed new hair. I'm a hair addict what can I say so I drove over to Truth and picked up this new hair called Mireya. I love it, can change my hair, my clothes with just the flick of a button and my hair color. No gray hair for meh! Then I dug into my inventory and painted my lips with La Boheme glossy red lipstick. KISSABLE! Plants one right on your smackarooo's! Explain that to your husband or your wife! ~giggles~ And you can't forget the new razor sharp polish by Dark Passions/Koffin Nails. If you piss me off I can just slit your wrists with my fantastic nails?! yes? No? Okay.. No, I won't.~sighs taking away all my fun~ But they are truly gruesomely wicked.. I love it. She's the only person I know that goes from pastel bats to razor sharp in less then a week. You can find these fabulous polishes for your hands and tosies at CarnEvil from March 22nd to April 6th. You could truly be evil and have new blades or rusty! These come for Slink, Maitreya and Belleza versions. :) So no girl (or guy) can be left behind.

Creator Highlights
No Name

Dark Passions/Koffin Nails

Dark Passions/Koffin Nails @ CarnEvil  March 22nd-April 6th want to see all her other goodies:   Dark Passions Group -

Something New Poses and Props 
Creator Allyson Dwyer 

~Namrah's Look~Body:
Glam Affair (Creator aida Ewing) - Amberly - America
Slink: (Creator Siddean Munro) Hands (Casual) Feet (High)
Mesh Body: (Creator: Onyx LeShelle) Maitreya Mesh Body Lara V2Skin: Glam Affair-Amberly America

IKON (Creator Ikon Innovia) Hope Eyes- Denim
La Boheme (Creator Santana Lumiere) Glossy Red 2
{Wicked} Peach (Creator: Autumn Amaranth) - Lament (Purchased at We <3 Roleplay)
Pink Acid (Creator Stacey Oller) Natural Lashes Face Make-Up (eyeliner)
Nail Polish by BCreative Wilde Razor Sharp at CarnEvil

.:L&B:. (Creators Lapointe & BastChild Designs) "True" necklace, and earrings

Hair: Truth (Creator Truth Hawks) Mireya

Dreaming Second Life Flickr Page