Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Keeper of my Heart

Sometimes I just have to take a moment and remember that without His love and support that I wouldn't be able to do all that I am able to do within Second Life. From the first moments of my blog conception Cedric was behind me, cheering me on, encouraging me. Standing beside me sometimes with me (like in this moment.) Sometimes He'll blog with me, but usually He's behind the camera helping me with shots when I get stuck. Tonight He just stood there and moved from pose ball to pose ball but He did it with charm and flair.

I ran over to PurpleMoon today and snagged up the group gift. Sadly, the group gift isn't free, but the join cost is way worth the gifts each month. Standing beside it was a display from Lazuri jewelry with "suggest jewelry" for this outfit. Now I was going to wait and use my gift card, but this dress stuck in my head all evening long when I went to class and I knew without a doubt that the 349L price tag on the beautiful necklace, earrings and bracelet was worth it so I splurged. Jewelry is something I don't often wear, not because I don't love it, but it's not something I think about right off the bat. I know! *Gasps* says all those women reading my blog. I promise to try and get better about the accessories!

So I dug out my couple poses and asked Cedric to pose with me. The first pose is by !bang called Keeper which really helped inspire my blog title, plus well Cedric is the Keeper of my heart. Okay I promise cheesy moment over. :)

I love how this dress fits, it also has gloves for slink, but I'm not a huge glove fan and I probably should have taken off the sleeves but I liked how it looked so I left them on, to me it looks like a shrug :) The jewelry again is by Lazuri except our wedding bands which are by Lapointe and Bastchilde. Love it!

This next pose is called "This Way" by CnS e-motion I picked this up at Pose Fair for 180L I loved it because usually when we're out shopping it's more like me dragging him along. So here's another look at the dress and a pretty awesome pose. This was a new pose creator for me.

The last pose I am featuring tonight is by .Infinity poses. It's called Protected. One of the things I do love about Cedric is that no matter what is going on he's always there protecting me, making sure I'm taking care of me even when I'm not. He's got my back, always.

Some helpful links to help you along the way:

Lazuri @ PurpleMoon
Pose Fair 2014
CnS e-motion

Namrah's Look:
Dress: PurpleMoon April Gift called Dreams of Chocolate
Shape: Panda Punx Nurse Vixen (I bought this on Marketplace)
Hair: Truth Felicity
Slink Hands: Casual
{ZOZ} Nailplolish:{ZOZ}- Tiffany Polish @ COSMOPOLITAN Discount Room for 75L
Eyes: IKON-Sapphire

Monday, April 28, 2014

Fantasy Faire 2014

I am so excited. Just a few days left until Fantasy Faire 2014 opens up. Two of our favorite creators will be there. They own Solarium. I can't wait to see what they've come up with. I hear bits and pieces as Cedric is good friends with  Encaitaron Korobase who is one of the co owners of Solarium. Nothing major just little whispers and Cedric is very excited to go and see the final projects that our friends have spent months working on. Encait has been working on quests and Rynn Verwood has been working builds and other things. I don't get to hear those whispers. :) I'm so excited to support these two awesome creators. We tend to head there first and ooh and ahh over everything then try to figure out which build she's built.

Fantasy Faire is a Relay for Life Event. RFL is something I hold very dear to my heart as I lost my father almost 6 years ago to Cancer. If it weren't for RFL and cancer research my dad probably wouldn't have lived as long as he did. His battle near the end was ugly but can anything with Cancer be pretty? The things I am thankful for is that I was there with him in those last months. I quit everything to be at home to help the family. Thankfully I had a job that hugged me and pushed me out the door telling me to take all the time I needed. I was with him for appointments, I was with him to hear the stories. And he had his family gathered with him at home taking his last breaths. So I am glad that I can support RFL in some small way. I'm not sure yet what we'll blog but you will be sure that there will be LOTS of things blogged over this small period of time.

Join us May 1st - May 11th for what I think is one of the best SL events ever.

Important Links to help you on your exploration:

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Taking a Chance

Awhile back I applied to be a blogger for ploom. One of my all time favorite places to go get hair and poses. I was thrilled to find out today that I had been accepted to be a new blogger for her. I've been trying really hard not to take on new work but I couldn't resist applying so I'm so very happy I was accepted.

The hair I am wearing is called "Chance" comes with a hud so you can change your look with just a touch. I am loving the pastels and candy but since I normally wear black hair, I decided to use the black color too.

Now for the adorable outfits I am wearing... I bet you were wondering! So I'm going to tell you.

These two pieces are EXCLUSIVE and can be found at MC Fashion Store and Event. They're by Lushish Catz. The top one is called Mala, the silver one is called Jhene. Both sold for 100L. Sexy little teddy's stockings for slink, they also come with tango and phat azz appliers too! This was a new event one I'd never heard of so I had to go check it out. Lots of wonderful goodies for very low prices.

The link provided takes you directly into the Lushish Catz store in the event.

Namrah's Look:
Dress: LushishCatz: Mala and Jhene@MC Fashion Store and Event
Shape: Panda Punx Nurse Vixen (I bought this on Marketplace)
Hair: Ploom: Chance
Slink Hands: Casual
{ZOZ} Nails:{ZOZ}- Foil Tips Spring - Purpilicous
Eyes: IKON-
Breasts: Lola Tango
Pose: Okay, I admit, I need to start getting better at writing down which pose I finally settle on. I have hundreds of poses. I believe the ones used in these are by !bang called TBC and VIP

Thursday, April 24, 2014

RVi Design: Medieval Living

*•.♥.•* New Releases  ♥•*

If you haven't figured out, Cedric and I like to role play. He has more characters then I do, but we tend to stick to the medieval roots of roleplaying. When I saw that RVi Design had created these medieval houses I had to snag them up. I love to create scenarios with what I buy, and what I blog. There are times that Cedric or I will see something and we'll build elaborate scenes all the way around an item for any one of our given role plays. From our previous post of the gardens, they would fit in SO nicely with the two houses that I'm going to show you in this blog post.

*•.♥.•* Medieval   ♥•*
One Room House

(The flowers or trees posted in these pictures are not included. The flowers though ARE available from RVi Design they are 90L on MP: )

*•.♥.•* Medieval House   ♥•*
Spooky Front yard

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RVi Design: Sale Items Spring Garden Well and Bench

*•.♥.•* Spring Gardens   ♥•*
Both pieces together
(10% off Sale)
(see below for pieces by themselves)

This is the Spring Garden set by RVi Design, it comes in two pieces but for this I pushed them together a little bit so it looks like one cohesive piece. I was very thankful to two of my friends who joined me in posing for these pictures. There are multiple sits and poses throughout both the bench set and the garden well. If you touch the basket you'll get hand tools, planting seeds. For anyone who loves to role-play this is a wonderful addition to your medieval role-play sims. We had a blast.

Here are some more:

*•.♥.•* Spring Gardens   ♥•*
Garden with Well

Sold Separately
405 L

*•.♥.•* Spring Gardens   ♥•*
Garden with Bench

Sold Separately


Spring Garden with Well by itself:

Spring Garden with bench by itself:

The bear and the girls are not included. :) Ty Marcie and Aldwin for helping us out today!

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Feeling a little... Lushish

Boobies Planet is on another round and this week they're presenting some pretty sexy little numbers!

Who doesn't love beautiful swim suits that show off our beautiful curves and if you're a wearer of lola's, lush and the cute/azz appliers then you will LOVE this swimsuit. Please note that this can be worn WITH or without the appliers.. it's sexy either way you want to go. And affordable!

Glam Yellow Swimwear

Namrah's Look:
Dress: LushishCatz: Glam-yellow swimwear @ Boobie Planet
Shape: Panda Punx Nurse Vixen (I bought this on Marketplace)
Hair: Tamless Hair-Mercedees Tamless Hair (TY!)
Slink Hands: Casual
{ZOZ} Nails: Comic Polish found at Comic Fair (TY!)
Eyes: IKON- Eternal Sapphire
Breasts: Lola Tango
Pose: !ibang TBC Collection: !bang Marketplace

Dressing for dancing is always a blast! So slip into this little dress and hit the dance floor!

Janie Mini Dress

Namrah's Look:

Dress: Janie Mini dress @ Boobie Planet
Shape: Panda Punx Nurse Vixen (I bought this on Marketplace)
Hair: Magika Awake 3
Slink Hands: Casual
{ZOZ} Nails: Wild Black Silver for 75L @  Designers Circle (TY!)
Eyes: IKON- Eternal Sapphire
Breasts: Lola Tango

SHOES! GLORIOUS SHOES!!! 2 Chez has come out with slink shoes! I am so excited!!! These can be bought on marketplace or in her store for only 101L!

These are for the slink HIGH feet. Please be aware when you buy the shoes that the slink feet DO NOT come with the shoes.

I tried to credit my poses.. I bought to many at pose fair! LOL... The poses that I used for these pictures though I believe that I bought them in the !bang store. :)

Friday, April 18, 2014

Every Pixel is Art!

All the proof you need of the above statement is in the visage that is my face....Really though, amazing creator of some of my favorite things. Suits, buildings, a few uniforms, and even a gas mask here and there. All in all,if I were to die and come back to life as a store there's about an eighty percent chance that this would be the store I would become.

This is the American formal officer outfit in black. A very well made mesh outfit, comes with everything except the shoes. I could see myself wearing this everywhere from the chaos of a raging battle, to a formal dining room. This is my first expedition into the world of EPIA and I must say I am thoroughly impressed. 

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

RVi Design: Spring Sale Items

RVi Design has some great sale items in the store right now. If you love to decorate for spring, outdoor landscaping or you have a roleplay scene that needs some nice fairly low prim decorations, this is the store to hit right now.

*•.♥.•* Sale Items    ♥•*

*•.♥.•* Hexagon Flower Bed-  ♥•*
Red Pelargonium

I set these outside one of the homes on our sim, (You can also see them again in one of the bottom pictures of how it looks from a distance.) I love the feeling of spring!

*•.♥.•* Wooden Tub with tulips   ♥•*

There are several lovely tulip boxes you can buy as well. These just were ones I liked best.

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Tuesday, April 8, 2014

2 Chez: New!!! Feeling a little Grunge-attude

Ever have one of those days where you go to bed the night before and just know the next day is going to be a crapola day? That was today. But things turned around and I decided to grunge it up a little with some of 2 Chez's newest items. So many yummys coming out. For shoe lovers there are so many new shoes and boots for sale in her store and or marketplace... So go check it out.. But for now these are some of more favored outfits she's sent me lately, though I admit I love most everything she sends it's a definite guilty pleasure!~chuckles~

I hope that you enjoy! Happy Shopping!

*•.♥.•*  2 ChezEffi ♥•*
            Black Leather Jacket, Khaki Pants
        Boots and Top
    159 L
Feeling so comfy as I *wait* for something. Loving the leather jacket and the overall look of this outfit. 

*•.♥.•*  2 Chez Leelya Sweater ♥•*
   Sweater (Black, Red, Brown)
            Pants 8 color Changing Hud           
    159 L

Super sexy sweater, comes in three different colors, Black, Red and Brown. Sweater shown Red and Black 
only 4 of the pant colors shown. There are 8 different pant colors to this outfit. I love these huds, I can change my look with just a click!

Even though you can't see the boots I am wearing very well, they can be found here:

*•.♥.•*  2 Chez Sheba ♥•*
           Jacket, Pants, Tank Top 
       Red Ankle Boots
    199 L
I *love* this outfit, it's rocker chick happy, sexy, and the detail in the pants is just amazing and those boots! mmmm I want to go dance and kick up a storm!

*•.♥.•*  2 Chez Aberdeen Boots ♥•*
Rigged Mesh with Optional Socks 

I couldn't resist these super cute grungy looking boots! And the socks change.. There's also ankle socks too!

Links to help you on your journey:
(these links are all IN world stores, they do have marketplace links.)

Friday, April 4, 2014

Feeling a little Naughty with Lushish Catz

Finally found a skin that made me feel more comfy in my Lola's so decided to do some sexiness today with Lushish Catz.. There's a lot of new goodies from them so if you like your tangos, and  affordable clothes then Lushish Catz is where to go.

*•..•* Blacklace    •*
with skirt, boots and appliers

This outfit also comes in red and white. So adorable, sexy and ready to go pretty. :)

Information for the Event: LIKE! Event

 The Boobies Planet
 April 5  to April 18

*•..•* Aqua Jewel    •*
Bikini, earrings and comes with appliers

I want to say a special thank you to my friend  ღ Munky  ღ for allowing me the use of her sim for a few of my pictures tonight. This one was an accidental shot but I loved it so much I wanted to use it. :) I love how it's so soft and has that "I'm dreaming of Him, I wish He'd join me." It's of longing, of love, and the suit is breathtaking. (Thank you Kay). This will be available starting April 5th at Booby Planet, and for 80L it's well worth the cost to look so succulent.

Each has appliers for Lola's Tango, Lush, Phat Azz, Cute Azz and  SLink Stocking  applier.

All come with Jewelry

One of the great things about the creator Kay is that she's always willing to help so if there's something wrong with your purchase, look her up on SL and follow her picks to find out the best way to get in contact with her. She's a great person and very friendly. (And no she didn't pay me to say that!)

The outfits can be found at:
Store SLURL:

Flickr -
Facebook -

Kay is also hiring bloggers so if you're interested here's her name look her up and follow the information in her profile. Thanks!
Kayshla Aristocrat
Lushish Catz

Thursday, April 3, 2014

RVi Design: "Lets have a drink! It's on me!"

One of the greatest adventures I've been on in my life was a trip to Ireland. I remember the first time I sat in a pub and ordered a Guinness I thought "Oh yummy" it tasted just like it does in the states! But it was yummy. And the bartender was very amusing. I sipped my bear and then when I finished I joked that I wanted to steal the mug because it had an Irish beer in it. He of course laughed at me, leaned across the bar and said "Lass, Lass Lass... ye do not need to steal it!" Then proceeded to hand me 2 clean mugs with a smile and said 'Take these, these be clean!" I giggled and smiled and tucked them away. My friend who was with me just laughed with me. The bartender was like 'You american's" I hope it was a kind thought *giggles*.. but anyways... I loved the beer taps that Roshy made so I happily asked for one and it gives beer! And you hold it.. So have a Guinness on me!

*•..•* Guinness Beer Dispenser    •*
Pub Rules

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RVi Design: New Releases ~The Gates~

I was so excited to see these when Roshy was on our sim taking pictures. So of course when she asked me what I wanted to blog I jumped at the chance and picked these three. Then I was like "oh! where in the heck am I going to take pictures" because she kind of used the spot I probably would have chosen.. lol! So I pulled them out of my inventory and sat them right in the center of our sim while I debated different spots. Nothing came to me. Then last night I was tooling around the sim looking because I knew I really needed to get these new releases out to the readers and so Roshy wouldn't hunt me down and put me in her new tomb! So I hope you like what I finally came up with. I could build a whole area around these wonderful MESH! Gates.

Some new exciting things that Roshy is doing is that she's making some of her best sellers into MESH products. And they're modifiable too. On the gates with the Dragon torches, my husband darkened them abit because he just likes darker stone. I made him leave the others alone. ALSO something that's exciting is for a limited time if you're a member of the group you get 50% off all these wonderful items. The gift joiner is on the 2nd floor I believe unless Roshy has moved it. ~chuckles~ It does happen!!!

*•.♥.•* Cemetery Gates    ♥•*
with Crosses

Feeling Pretty Casual with FBD and ZOZ

Feeling pretty casual. Today is a day for just being comfortable so jet over to the Freestyle Urban Fair. For FBD she has a collection of 16 shirts. I am only showing one of them. Whatever! A term I love to use when I have nothing else to say or I just feel like being onery. It's so cute, fits comfortably. I love it.

The nail polish is by ZOZ the top right nail polish you can find at Freestyle Urban Fair for just 70L, the bottom is called Daisy Chain and can be found at the Cosmopolitan discount room. I love the glitter and the shine.

Important Links to help your shopping travels:

{ZOZ} polish is available @ COSMOPOLITAN Discount Room for 70L

Firebird Design and {ZOZ} polish is available @ Krave Freestyle Urban Fair

Main Store for FBD and {ZOZ}

OTHER FBD information:
FBD Blog
FB LINK: FireBird-Designs-by-Dalriada Facebook Page

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Apple of my Eye Hunt (We Love to Blog blogger preview)

The Apple of my Eye Hunt April 1-13 only 13 days for this really cute hunt. There aren't very many items, so it shouldn't take you very long. I did the run through because I wanted to check out the store that gave us the very cute chairs and pictures that I used for my blog tonight.

Apple of my Eye Hunt Blog

I spent about 30 mins walking around this sim and I could only find one hunt item, so I inspected the furniture and you can find the creator Cherelle Capra here: [CIRCA] Living. When you find the apple holding this goody you get BOTH chairs, and the 3 apple pictures hanging on the wall. To cute. The hunt is free.

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Take a deep breath (new by 2Chez)

There are times that you just gotta let life overwhelm you, suck you in then you realize... Just take a deep breath. What doesn't kill you makes you stronger.

My looks tonight are from the wonderful Gisele of 2 Chez's designs. I love her clothes, I love how they fit.. I just LOVE being able to blog for her. I'm not always quick getting out new releases and she is so patient with me. Then I blog and blog and blog so you get LOTS of goodies all at one time.

Tonight I wound up on a random sim because I was looking for something and wound up doing an Easter Egg Hunt. (A HUNT YES! and a FREE HUNT at that!) I donated to the sim because it was lovely.

Forest of Mystic Moon Easter Egg Hunt 4/1-4/21   

When you arrive for the hunt, touch the Easter Basket for more details! Though this hunt is free, please think about donating to the sim owners. They've done an amazing job to make a magical beautiful place to chill and relax with friends.

So after I donated and collected my eggs, I thanked the sim owner. Truly the sim is beautiful, the prizes well hidden but not hidden enough that someone new couldn't have found them. They look like amazing prizes to be honest. I haven't opened them up yet, but I am excited just by the content folders.

*•.♥.•*  2 Chez Masha  ♥•*
149 L

I am a jeans and shirt kind of gal.. Shocking I know! But I am.. so I loved this look. Tunic, Jeans, and boots. BOOTS! yes more shoes! Gisele always tries to give a total look and for 149L you can't beat it!

Also not shown:

*•.♥.•*  2 Chez ~Smile~  ♥•*
149 L

This outfit will make you... SMILE! Yes it's called smile, but the back has an opening in it, it's sexy, soft, beautiful. I loe that it comes with a skirt AND boots. It made me want to go buy hair! So I went shopping! I totally just love the softness of this outfit how it makes you feel sexy, beautiful, and feminine all at the same time

*•.♥.•*  2 Chez Dagmar  ♥•*
139 L

I feel like a rocker girl in this outfit. I actually bought hair for this as well. I just needed *something* that wasn't going to take away from this sexy little number, but also completed the look.