Friday, January 3, 2014

Running out of Time Hunt

What a wonderful New Year. On Christmas Eve my wonderful partner Cedric, asked me to be His wife. It's been an amazing time with Him, and I'm looking forward to our Second Life wedding. We do live together in real life, so someday we'll actually get married in real life too but for now we're content to just do it on Second Life.

I have been applying to different places to blog, but so far nothing. It's okay though. I'll just keep blogging about other things I love. :) Like Hunts.

I am starting January with a list of different hunts I'd like to do. I'm looking forward to L`accessories  new event that's coming to us in a few days.

I decided to start with Pillow and Things hunt called Running out of time hunt. So far, it's not the typical hunt that I do. Mostly I like hunts that the hunt folders are numbered and what not. This one is abit of a hunt, each item is named differently so normal strategies won't work. But stick with it, I think you'll find you like it.

Main blog is here:

Hunt runs from Jan 1 to 31st. 1 L each. Which in itself isn't bad. I like that they have the hints ON the blog itself so you can skip around if you want, or skip a store if you can't find the item. Good luck and happy Hunting!!!!!

I didn't take pictures of all the prizes, either they didn't fit right, not my style, or just because I was having to much fun and missed something! ~chuckles~ Mostly just taking pictures of items that strike my fancy that I think other hunters will appreciate too!

Some very neat yummies from this hunt..

Starting Point : Pillows & Things
 Very adorable curio cabinet. Sadly it doesn't really fit with our decor, but I found a nice spot for it at least for the picture taking. Gonna have to find somewhere to put this little gem.

Sponsoring Stores:

#1: Kabuki Creations

 So excited to see Kabuki on this hunt. SL ate one of my folders, (Several really nowt hat I'm digging deeper) but one of my folders was poses. Hundreds of poses gone so I am slowly rebuilding. This is Pushups. My Partner was very amused. 

#3 Always Creative

 Yummy. This ottoman is the prize. Lots of various poses. Cedric is such a voyeur and I like to be an exhibitionist on occasion so I had fun taking several shots of this little yummy delight. It comes with a delicious little rabbit toy. You'll have to do some editing with this to get it just right but it's well worth the pleasure you're going to find.

Outfit: Blacklace: Laced Obsession Azure blue.
Blacklace Beauty: High Lipgloss
Earrings and Necklace: L&B True
Ring: L&B: Celtic Femme Engagement Ring
Hair: [elikatira] Breathe in black04 
 (I don't believe this hair is available anymore sadly.)
The Bedroom set is by AR: MIA Bigs
Cedric is wearing by ZED
The house is by Banesworth Annubis


 WHO doesn't like a erotic, sexy, romantic cuddle rug? The animations in this are smooth transitions. You can change the textures even! Several different colors to choose from. You have a choice of just letting it play out on it's own or going through scenes. Cedric and I enjoyed seeing what this scrumptious blanket had to offer.

The house in these pictures is by Banesworth Annubis Called [ba] snowy city loft/

#6 Heart & Soul Designs
Humpin Tree Stop
 I love all products by Heart & Soul. Yes I am biased but these products are delicious. These are just a few of the romantic poses this tree stump has to offer. 

 Some of the "Naughty" poses but I tried keeping them tasteful.

This will be a product that you and your partner will spend hours using, having fun and reconnecting Second Life style.

I did the first 10 stores in about 30 mins. They're not that hard to find, use the clues, think about the clues. You won't be able to use area search because the name does change, but again, they're not that hard to find. Hope you've enjoyed my peek sneak at some of the items in the first 10 stores!

~Happy Hunting~