Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Settle in with Artisan Fantasy

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I'm so excited to be able to blog the Balloch Perch Collection by Artisan Fantasy!! This is a wonderful addition to any home be it modern to medieval. It's classy and stylish all wrapped up into one. This is furniture that I honestly wish I could rip out of second life and set in my home.

When I walked into the store at the Mystic Realm Faire I was in love. I have always been drawn to the tree of life symbol from a very early age. I can't tell you when I first began relating to this symbol perhaps it's when I began my BDSM journey and just the foundation of the tree, deep roots, and how it's such an amazing life force. Anyways, enough about me and my ramblings.. Check out this amazing furniture!!! It's truly a must have!

There are 10 different items to be had:

  • Boarded Candles
  • Chestnut Bench with animations
  • Chestnut Bench without animations
  • Herb Shelf
  • Porch Rules
  • Slatted Chair
  • Slatted Rocker
  • TOL Chair
  • TOL Rocker
  • Word Ladder

The Word Ladder comes with several different choices of words, which I thought was a fantastic idea!

I put them in a few different spots in our home. These I set outside on our "Porch, that really isn't a porch because it's more of a medieval manor, but I think it worked well. I think the attention to detail is amazing as well!

I had thought about posing in these pictures too, but honestly I just loved these and didn't want to "clutter" them up with me in them. The benches and chairs DO have sits in them, and some cuddle poses. What fun you'll have trying them all out when you go to the Mystic Realms Faire and happily snatch these wonderful prizes of furniture up!


Creator Highlights

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