Monday, October 6, 2014

~Thousand Miles~

It was a magical wonderland. A world beyond any ever she'd ever known, sucked down a hole, a vortex swimming, struggling the surface. With wide innocence she walked into a world she'd only seen in her dreams. It was.. Magic. She surrendered to the world, knowing she'd never ever be the same again. Touched by the beauty within the store fronts, amazed by the generosity of creators, the inspirations of a whole new world laid out before her, so many paths..

... she landed in Mystic Realms Faire, a wondrous events where designers come to sell their wares to the fae, to the warriors, the demons, angels, mermaids and more. What path would she take? As a roleplay want to be, I tend to always be drawn to the beauty in darkness. I'm not sure why I always tend to want to play a witch or something that's not quite good but can't quite cross over to the sinister side of roleplay. (Though my husband would disagree with that comment.) I wanted to showcase ALL the amazing creators but of course I can't be greedy nor do I have the time to blog every single item. I chose creators I had never heard of, some I had, and more, just the things that touched the inner side of me wanting to jump out and land into a world not known to me, but not quite unknown either.

First outfit: [ SAKIDE ] Anawyn Outfits Top, Skirt, armands
Hair: [^.^Ayashi^.^] Mermaid hair-{It comes with a jewel piece in the bangs and in the tail of the pony tail that can be turned off, and color changing pearls.)
Jewelry: *~*HopScotch*~* Nhona Black Steel (Nose piece goes from nose to both ears.)
Necklace: Pure Poison -Fox.Poison- Small Silver
Headpiece: .Pekka. Elsia head chain - Silver
Pose Used for this particular picture was bought at The Candy Fair: Kirin - Day Dreamer Pose Pack

Pose Used for this particular picture was bought at The Candy Fair: Kirin - Day Dreamer Pose Pack

This picture shows the hair jewel and facial jewelry a lot better.

Pose Used for this particular picture was bought at The Candy Fair: Kirin - Day Dreamer Pose Pack

I also bought a magic hud called Talevin's Magic HUD (Creator: Talevin Whelanto) do some of the special effects that are in the next few pictures.

Picture This! Poses The Magi (There are 3 poses and 3 mirror poses to this set with globes for the hands)

I enjoyed very much stepping out of my comfort zone and having my husband help me with pictures. (he's even in a few!!)

Look for more over the next few days!

Creator Highlights

[ SAKIDE ] Creator: кιиυ (Kinu Mayako)

~*HopScotch*~: Creator: Chandni (Chandni Khondji)

Picture This! Poses and Props: Creator: Keℓiah Angeℓis (KeliahAngelis)

Kirin: Creator: Carol (Carolina Sautereau)

.Talevin's  Designs: Creator: Talevin Whelan

-Pure Poison- Creator: Shaleene Kenin

.Pekka. Creator . M o ɴ ѕ т e r . (Kathya Szczepanski)

[^.^Ayashi^.^] Creator: Ikira Frimon

Event Information: 
Starts Oct 10 2014 

Namrah's Look:
Skin/Shape by Panda Punx called Neri (Creator: вαвүsαυяυs (Lluna Nitely))
Eyes:IKON Hope Mesh Eyes- Red (Creator: Ikon Innovia)
Slink Hands: Casual feet High (Creator: Siddean Munro)
Wedding ring by Lapointe & Bastchilde (Creators: Lapointe & BastChild Designs )
~Blacklace Beauty~ Hi-Gloss Lips Clear (Creator Gemini Galatea)
Eyelashes : - DAMNED - Eyelashes (Creator DamnedShop)
Eyeshadow/Lips.:Glamorize:. Sweet Combo - Lips Eyes (Creator Micalia Darkrose)

Sim Location: The Realm of Mystara: This is a roleplay sim. I spoke with a mentor to be able to take pictures and was given an observer tag. In order for me to rez I wound up joining a group. If you're new to roleplay sims please stop, speak to someone before just teleporting into their realm. Be courteous while there, don't engage in roleplays or disturb. And please always remember when using others sims to be kind and pick up after yourselves and credit where you were.

Information on Mystara: FREE FORM RP - Mystara is a lost forest and water realm, rich with mystery and intrigue -- replete with breathtaking vistas and secret locations. The people of Mystara are as varied as her landscape, and in this world, not everything is as it seems.