Thursday, December 18, 2014

~Something about December~

I know in my hometown there's something about December that excites those from young to old. For many it's the upcoming holidays of seeing family and loved ones. For children it's school is out for a few weeks. For others it's the ski season starting up.

From Left to right starting at the Blue Tube: Raven, Scrap, Corbin, Cedric, Me, Emmy

Where I am from we usually have quite a bit of snow by now but weirdly enough this year we've had beautiful weather. I live in the Midwest near a college town. Every year when it snows people RUSH to campus to sled down the huge hills. People have lost their lives on these hills but the draw remains.. it's fun! Something I haven't ever participated in but have watched my brother take my nephews for many years until they were old enough to do it on their own.

With that said, when Kay of Image Essential Poses and Props sent out blogger packs for winter themed items, I had to giggle and was so excited to share with my readers some of her goodies!

The picture above with a group of my crazy family members is called Snow Tubing Gacha available at F R O S T which runs from December 13 – January 3 We had a lot of fun, there are also individual tubing but it was nice to get my friends together for a photo shoot.

All Snow Tubing Gachas by Image Essential Poses and Props 50L per play

It's finally snowed here, so brr! baby it's cold cold outside, thankfully it was pretty and it's melted throughout the day. We're a week away from Christmas have you finished your shopping? Winter Trend has come to the grid and is about to leave again. It runs from December 5th to December 19th so you better hurry if you want to visit this great event.

Image Essentials has captured the essence of cold, shivering and looking pretty at the same time! "It's cold outside" is a pose set that comes with 3 different poses as well as a snow pile (that I didn't use in my pictures.) This pose reminds of holding my hands to my face trying to warm them because I've been a dork and forgotten my gloves.. but of course in this, I didn't want gloves so I could show off my new polish by La Boheme called Dec MSO Celebration which is at My Slink Obsession Monthly Event that runs December 5-22. One of the great things about Santana's polishes is that she caters to those of us who love silver or gold accents, she give us both! I chose silver because that's what I wear. Actually, all of the make-up I am wearing is by La Boheme. My eye-shadow is called "Feline Instinct" and my lipstick is called "Matte Red" which are both new releases and available at her main store location. While you're there get your hunt on because she always has amazing hunt gifts available so search high and low and you'll find some wonderful prizes!

See shivering from the cold and I feel I still look good *giggles*. I'm wearing a super adorable, sexy hoody barely there dress by 2 Chez called Ivy Red which is available in world as well as on marketplace. Gigi has been my first sponsor so it's nice to showcase her work again and remind my viewers that she has great mesh clothes for low prices. I love the fact that she offers both outfits and shoes/boots all in one set. This outfit comes with a necklace too which I found charming. As well as stockings, a totally complete outfit for 199L you can't find boots for that on second life! I will also point out a huge pointer for 2 Chez clothes. Have a mesh body? I have the slink physique and I can pretty much wear everything of hers with my mesh body. She offers fit mesh as well so if you've never tried her clothes invest! I honestly don't know if they work with other mesh bodies, but so far I've been uber impressed that I have to do very little tweaking to get them to work. SO BONUS!!!

Pose is part of IE's "It's Cold Outside"

Lastly, at F R O S T you can pick up these charming bears from Image Essentials, they're very snugly. You can pose with them standing up as I have done, or when you add/wear it, you squat and you're holding it out in front of you.

Want to know a bonus about these bears? Bearables are normally $120L but at the F R O S T  Fair price  you can pick them up for only $85L  AND there are 6 different sets in total with different sayings - two bears... one to keep.. one to give away.
The sayings are:

  • Happy Holidays
  • I'm your present
  •  Let it snow
  • Nice to snow ya
  • Santas Helper 
  • Tis the Season

Event Highlights

Winter Trend: December 5th-19th
F R O S T: December 13 – January 3
My Slink Obsession: December 5-22
 Creator Highlights
Image Essential Poses and Props Creator: Kay Weston
La Boheme Creator: Santana Lumiere
2 Chez Creator: Gisele Grizot

~Blog inspired by Something about December by Christina Perri~

Namrah's Look:

Glam Affair (Creator (aida Ewing) - Amberly - America
Slink: (Creator Siddean Munro) Hands (Casual) Feet (High)
(2Chez) (Creator Gisele Grizot) Ivy Hoodie Dress (M)
Accessories including Hair, Jewelry, hair pieces
.:L&B:. (Creators Lapointe & BastChild Designs) "Celtic Femme" Wedding Ring - Platinum v2
=Zenith=Grape Leafs Corolla (Creator Miffyhoi Rosca)
Magika: (Creator Sabina Gully) Written
Eyes & Makeup:
IKON (Creator Ikon Innovia) Ardent Eyes - Chocolate (M)
La Boheme:(Creator Santana Lumiere)  Eye Shadow:"Feline Instinct" Lipstick is called "Matte Red"

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