Monday, September 28, 2015

~All that I am

I am the one winged bird for flying
Sinking quickly to the ground
See your faith in me subsiding
See you prime for giving in
I give you all that I am

Autumn is in the air. With autumn comes one of my favorite seasons. I love the fall, the falling leaves, the pumpkins and the crisp air that brings in cool fronts to the Midwest.

It also brings ciderfests, pumpkin patches and more. The pose above is by Something New Poses and Props, it comes with the pumpkin stand, the pumpkin prop i'm holding in both hands. I really love this dream of Pandora's Box because it's very fallish and just welcoming as you walk around and take in the beauty of fall. I don't know if you have to pay a join fee to join Pandora's Box of Dreams, but if you do, it's well worth it just to be able to rez on this amazing sim. They're on dream 5 right now.The pose I'm using is called Grandma's Pumpkins and is available at The Autumn Effect Hunt, this started Sept 15th and runs into Mid October, I'm sorry that I don't know the exact date. And the Autumn Jacket I'm wearing is by No Name, and it's also available at The Autumn Effect. So just pop to those store locations and find the hunt item. I know both stores have plenty of hunt prizes available right now.
I am the sound of love's arriving
Echoed softly on the sand
Lay your head upon my shoulder
Lay your hand within my hand
I give you all that I am

This is totally my face when my loving husband Cedric tells me that we can't take home the 80 pound punkin. *frowns* hehe.. Seriously, when my son was little I bought him his first pumpkin and it weighed in at a wopping 80 pounds. It was bigger, and taller then him! Was awesome though, I carved it and then stood him inside it for pictures. Fond memories.

And I breathe where you breathe
Let me stand where you stand
With all that I am

I am the white dove for a soldier
Ever marching as to war
I would give my life to save you
I stand guarding at your door
I give you all that I am

I knew that when !bang sent out a request for bloggers that I HAD to apply. I never thought I'd get accepted especially since I have three other pose sponsors, but I did get accepted. I have admired Luna's poses probably as long as I have been on SL so I'm always eager to buy them, support events she's at etc. This pose "My World" was recently available for her 50L Friday. When this came across my facebook feed, I KNEW that I had to own it. This is my world, Cedric. He's all that I am and more. I love the tenderness of this pose. He always has my back. Always. My favorite guy.

The make up that I am wearing is by La Boheme, lipstick is a previous release but available in her store: [LB Kissable Glitter Lips] Set 1 - Gold 5. The eye make up, [LB Glamour Eyes] Rhiannon S1 - 6 which Santana has SEVERAL amazing sets out at the Cosmetic Fair get these amazing goodies until Sept 30th just 2 more days before they're available in her store.

I am the one winged bird for flying
Sinking quickly to the ground
I am the blind man for a watchdog
I am prime for giving in
I'll show you all that I am

Here's the full pose, I realize I'm floating off the ground but that's how he makes me feel. Actually, Luna's poses are some of the EASIEST to adjust it's all in a box, no pose balls, just hop on the box, adjust, no unlinking, nothing. Quite simple even for those like me who stink at editing. :)

And I breathe so you breathe
Let me stand so you'll stand
With all that I am

Here's a close up shot of the nail polish that I am wearing by La Boheme, so elegantly pretty! This is from Shelter set 1, there are 10 colors to each of these sets.

Various poses by !bang including some from stands 370-379, 390-394, TBC Set 1 and 2.


Cosmetic Fair September 15th until September 30th
The Autumn Effect Hunt Sept. 15 – Oct. 15, 2015
All hints, locations and more for the hunt
Depraved Events website for TAE Hunt

Namrah's Look:


Slink: Hands (Casual) Feet (High) | Siddean Munro
Mesh Body: Maitreya Mesh Body Lara V3.0 | Onyx LeShelle
Skin: Glam Affair - Amberly  |Aida Ewing

No Name Autumn Jacket | Blue Twine and Destany Magic @ TAE
Blueberry - Mia Jeans - Regular |blueberryxx
Essenz - San Jose (Black) | Senzati0n Domenitzo (Former Mix item)

.:L&B:. (W) "Celtic Femme" Wedding Ring - Platinum v2
La Boheme:  Santana Lumiere
Eye makeup: Glamour Eyes Rhiannon S1 - 6 @ Cosmetic Fair
Lip Stick: Kissable Glitter Lips Set 1 - Gold 5 @ Mainstore
Nail Polish: Shelter Set 1 @ Mainstore

Earrings: EarthStones Sentiments Loved Earring  |Abraxxa Anatine
Necklace: Pure Poison Fox.Poison- Small Silver |Chrystal Galicia)

/Wasabi Pills/ Reese Mesh Hair - Browns Pack  | MissAllSunday Lemon @ Sept Uber
IKON Hope Eyes - Emerald | Ikon Innovia)

Cedric is wearing:

Outfit: Fatewear Fergy Coat | DamienFate
Hair: Ink Serious | nontroppo.torii
Eyes: IKON ‘Sunrise’ Eyes – Deep Silver | Ikon Innovia
Skin: -Labyrinth- Wolf Skin | LabyrinthStarchild