Thursday, February 13, 2014

One Billion and Rising

Several days ago, someone posted their web page link to their "One Billion" pose that was sent through the the group Image Essentials. I don't know how I've never heard of this, perhaps because I do live under a rock? I don't know, but it touched me deeply. Normally, I don't post personal things about me. With this blog entry, it's going to be hard NOT to get personal.

I am an adult SURVIVOR of child abuse. I say survivor because I never let my abuse make me a victim. 1 Billion Rising against Justice is an amazing campaign. The campaign can be found here: I'm not going to spout statistic because that's not what my blog is about. But I feel very strongly about justice, about supporting the women who have survived, who are going through it.

In the Image Essential group we were asked to use this post, to take pictures and post on Valentines Day. I debated long and hard on what exactly I wanted to do to support this wonderful campaign, yet filled with sadness at the same time that we have to have something like this. Of Breaking the Chain, the cycle of domestic violence. In the past I have been asked "how can you be against violence when you're submissive and you live in a bdsm relationship and you enjoy being spanked and more." Well, there's one difference between a HEALTHY BDSM relationship and Domestic Violence. For one it's consensual. I consent to to what's being done to me, and when I have had enough I can say "Please stop" and it stops. The woman, child, man, whoever it is in domestic violence does not have that option. Sometimes when they beg for it to stop it only continues. Sadly. It's heart breaking to know that there is so much domestic violence in this world. That there are so many injustices against not only domestic violence, but children with disabilities, those who are gay, those who are different. We need to stand up, and fight for the freedom of being Americans, of being us. For being true to ourselves. IT's organizations like One Billion Rising that fight and make things happen. I know that my words will only touch a very few people but if we all reach out, we'll touch more and they'll touch more and the word will get out.

Thank you for reading, thank you for supporting. Thank you for fighting for what is right and for what is good in this world.

I am taking a different approach to my One Billion Rising pose... Women are beautiful, sexy. We are everything that men are not and more, just like they are everything we are not and more. A woman's body is soft, elegant, sensual. A woman's body should be loved, adored, cherished. Captivating is a woman's form. A woman is a secret that can't be wait to be told, heard, treasured. A woman holds many mysteries, and sometimes she can be a very open book. The body of the woman is beautiful in every form. Inside and out.

After much thought, I decided to reach out to my friends, and the Image Essential group. Thank you to Kay Weston who pulled amazing people in the group to come help. Some of my friends joined in and some of the group joined in and we had a fun (I HOPE!) photo shoot. I've never taken a picture of so many people! I never realized how hard it was to get people in the right place, make sure people are rezzed. Hair bases in tact. Phew! I think I'll stick to smaller in the future but it definitely was fun and a learning experience.

Now if I photo shopped, I would probably photo shop the logo

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