Thursday, April 3, 2014

RVi Design: "Lets have a drink! It's on me!"

One of the greatest adventures I've been on in my life was a trip to Ireland. I remember the first time I sat in a pub and ordered a Guinness I thought "Oh yummy" it tasted just like it does in the states! But it was yummy. And the bartender was very amusing. I sipped my bear and then when I finished I joked that I wanted to steal the mug because it had an Irish beer in it. He of course laughed at me, leaned across the bar and said "Lass, Lass Lass... ye do not need to steal it!" Then proceeded to hand me 2 clean mugs with a smile and said 'Take these, these be clean!" I giggled and smiled and tucked them away. My friend who was with me just laughed with me. The bartender was like 'You american's" I hope it was a kind thought *giggles*.. but anyways... I loved the beer taps that Roshy made so I happily asked for one and it gives beer! And you hold it.. So have a Guinness on me!

*•..•* Guinness Beer Dispenser    •*
Pub Rules

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RVi Design: New Releases ~The Gates~

I was so excited to see these when Roshy was on our sim taking pictures. So of course when she asked me what I wanted to blog I jumped at the chance and picked these three. Then I was like "oh! where in the heck am I going to take pictures" because she kind of used the spot I probably would have chosen.. lol! So I pulled them out of my inventory and sat them right in the center of our sim while I debated different spots. Nothing came to me. Then last night I was tooling around the sim looking because I knew I really needed to get these new releases out to the readers and so Roshy wouldn't hunt me down and put me in her new tomb! So I hope you like what I finally came up with. I could build a whole area around these wonderful MESH! Gates.

Some new exciting things that Roshy is doing is that she's making some of her best sellers into MESH products. And they're modifiable too. On the gates with the Dragon torches, my husband darkened them abit because he just likes darker stone. I made him leave the others alone. ALSO something that's exciting is for a limited time if you're a member of the group you get 50% off all these wonderful items. The gift joiner is on the 2nd floor I believe unless Roshy has moved it. ~chuckles~ It does happen!!!

*•.♥.•* Cemetery Gates    ♥•*
with Crosses

Feeling Pretty Casual with FBD and ZOZ

Feeling pretty casual. Today is a day for just being comfortable so jet over to the Freestyle Urban Fair. For FBD she has a collection of 16 shirts. I am only showing one of them. Whatever! A term I love to use when I have nothing else to say or I just feel like being onery. It's so cute, fits comfortably. I love it.

The nail polish is by ZOZ the top right nail polish you can find at Freestyle Urban Fair for just 70L, the bottom is called Daisy Chain and can be found at the Cosmopolitan discount room. I love the glitter and the shine.

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Firebird Design and {ZOZ} polish is available @ Krave Freestyle Urban Fair

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