Sunday, February 16, 2014

2 Chez Comfy, Classy, School girl? Delish! NEW!!!!!!!

Phew! what a week. One more crazy week for me and running from one end of town to the other as well as various towns 20-30 mins away from me for real life stuff. Classes are semi caught up and I took some very much needed "me" time today to blog. 

When you're on marketplace, if you search from "Newest first, you will always find Gisele's newest items at the top! But always always always! browse her whole store for past fantastic clothes!

*•.♥.•* 2Chez Hearts & Bones   ♥•*
Rigged Pants, Tank, Boots, and Bangles

129 L

For the girl that likes to be casual but sexy this is a super cute outfit comes with two different tops, and red boots. (Mine happen to be black)

**•.♥.•* 2Chez Vivid Wash Denim Outfit  ♥•*
Shorts & Hood with 8 Color Hud choices

199 L

I love my casual clothes as much as I love my dressy clothes. I am not sure why this outfit reminded me of something someone would wear to school but it did. The colors are beautiful and vibrant. This outfit comes with hoodie, shorts and shoes (not pictured) I love this outfit because it's just so comfortable to just lounge around SL and be comfortable in.

*•.♥.•* Vivi Indigo  ♥•*
Denimn Shorts, Sweater, Socks and Boots

129 L

Another outfit that I felt belonged in a school. So if you're feeling a little frisky to being the teacher's pet, slide this outfit on just enough skin showing here and there for a gentle seduction. Or just to shop around the grid. Your choice! Comes with shirt, shorts, socks and boots.