Sunday, October 19, 2014

Halloween Delights

Of all the Holidays, Halloween is probably my most favored which is really surprising to most because I don't do "scare" very well but I love everything to do with Halloween.

Most of all, I LOVE PUNKINS!!!! And Punkerella Summers has one of the coolest Halloween Punkin Patches out there. If you go to her store: Chimeric Arts & Fashions Masks & More  Check out all her wonderful mask creations, stunning work! Outside is a giant punkin patch that when you click a punkin it gives you one! When you rez it, you get to carve your very own punkin and light it up. I am so addicted to these little buggers! lolol AND if you hang out long enough at her various patches, you'll get some really cool rare ones too.

There are tiny punkins, squished punkins, lopsided ones, so many different variations. Each punkin patch is set to a timer so stick around and click click away to get one of those special rares! They're addicting.

Best of all: It's free (But you can't visit her store without buying a mask! Check out the Gacha's, check out her sales, and check out her events!) Plus she's in a couple of hunts.

Look for this sign in the patch it will give you a note card of links around  grid for various locations of the Chimeric pumpkin patches! I promise you'll have fun and you won't be able to stop at just one! (or two) I think I'm up to ... I don't even want to count.

Some of the locations that you can find her Punkin Patches are: Chimeric Arts and Fashions (Main store location)

Halloween Town, Mielville Village, Mermaide Cove, The Forgotten Haunt and Pumpkin Patch, and Fright Fest. Designers have really stepped up to the task of giving us a Second Life Halloween extravaganza!

Cedric and I hope that you have as much fun as He and I have had!

Cedric and Namrah Fralto