Sunday, February 2, 2014

RVi Design- Garden Arches

In a world of dreams and fantasies... Walk with me down a moonlit path, follow me with romance and love..

These NEW Garden Arches by RVi Design are beautiful, they can fit in almost any setting. It took me a few days to figure out exactly what I wanted to do and then *BAM* as I was trying on an outfit from something I bought I was like.. THIS.. THIS is enchanting...

The first arch I bring you is:

*•.♥.•*  Garden Arch *•.♥.•* 
with Animated Swing

Cuddle with me, love me.. Follow me into my dreams where we can be together for eternity.

*•.♥.•*  Garden Arch *•.♥.•* 
with Animated Bench

*•.♥.•* Garden Arch *•.♥.•*
with Lantern


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Steampunk dragon mask! More previews from another awesome creator!

Okay everyone, I know I've said this before but once again, I am in love(don't tell nie!) Really guys, this is only one mask in a line of amazing masks. Even if the only type of masks they had was this dragon model it would bewell worth a visit to Chimeric . Just in this style they have tons of styles. This is one of my favorite variations as well as the bone dragon. The armor is aptly named Male Armor is a nice creation by Shu Mesh. The hair is Zack Hair by Wasabi pills and finally the beautiful textures in the corridor behind me are by Lioriel Parx Design

Final Fantasy Festival

Final Fantasy
February 7th to 21st 2014
These are blogger previews. Please know that sim will open to everyone on Feb 7th 2014

Since become a blogger, I have strived to cover not only things that I love, but things that my partner Cedric loves too. When I heard that there was a Final Fantasy Festival I was so excited because I knew that this would be something that He and I could do together. While I'm going to be taking the female side of the blog, He'll be helping me show off the guy side of the Festival. 

The creators have gone above and beyond to create some of the most fascinating looks for this festival and while I haven't followed the games all that closely, I do recognize some of the looks and have really enjoyed stepping outside of my normal comfort zone. It is quite fun to try to match looks with prizes and try to come up with quality pictures and hopefully you will love what you see and rush to the Festival when it opens on the 7th! So save your lindens!


Jacket, shorts and leg belt

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~*Souzou Eien*~ and .Oh!Liv.
and DBF (Deluxe Body Factory)

(The skin that is in this picture is by DBF but is not part of the Festival.)

 Hair pins by Souzou Eien
Face Make up by .Oh!Liv.

Alexandria Skin by DBF Part of Final Fantasy Festival
Eyes and face make up by .oh!Liv (Color Magenta)

Calista Skin by DBF
eyes by .oh!Liv Magenta

Phoenix Skin by DBF 
eyes by .Oh!Liv. Blood

There is one more skin and several more eye colors. (Gotta give you SOMETHING to look forward to ~winks~)

Souzou Eien Links

.Oh!Liv. Links

The Rose arch is by RVi Design and scenery is by Skye Studios, these are not part of Final Fantasy Festival
Shape used is by DBF (Deluxe Body Factory)