Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Inventory Cleaning

This week I've made it my goal to go through my object folder, old blogger packs, move things, re-arrange and overall just organize my inventory so when I get blogger packs I'm not overwhelmed by my massive inventory.

Sometimes it's kind of fun... and other times... I just want a match! LOL Not because the creations are amazing! But because I've been way to lazy and it's a MESS!

Right now I'm cleaning out all my Final Fantasy Festival packs, putting them in appropriate folders, deleting duplicates, and getting rid of things that just weren't my style, and tucking others away into roleplay folders for "someday".

This is what my inventory party looks like, though about 45 mins ago there were double the boxes on the platform:

My husband got tired of standing so he drug out his throne, lol... Funny man! Makes me smile and giggle.. And the flaiming things, those are magic huds, they're just cool looking hehe.

So this is just part of Second Life, and why Dreaming Second Life was born.

Stolen Moments

Sometimes in a day you just need to steal some moments to get things done. There never seems to be enough time in the day to do what I want to do or need to do. I've begun cleaning my inventory. Trying to organize my folders in what I need to blog, what I want to blog and then throwing out old outdated things from when I first came to Second Life and got what I could because I didn't know better. LOL... in the last two weeks I've tossed over 2000 items. I still have 43,000 more to go through. I have a wardrobe, I really need to start using it.

So this blog is going to include new things from 2 Chez, and some new releases from Lushish Catz. Normally I won't combine creators like this. But tonight I decided to go ahead that way I wasn't posting multiple blogs.

The first item I am blogging is Temptation by 2 Chez, and it's VERY tempting. Seductive yet sweet, innocent. I loved this outfit when I first put it on and then the color choices you get. Yum! There are three different choices with Temptation, first the Open Bodice, you get 8 different colors to choose from. Sheer top to show off a little more then normal. Then you have the Black/white and Red/black (It's also shown with the white shirt because my husband was quick at taking pictures.) The Blackwhite/Red/Black Temptation also comes with stockings and shoes. The red/black outfit comes with stockings with a back seam up the leg. Very sexy.

*•.♥.•*  2 Chez Temptation Open Bodice  ♥•*

8 Color Hud in 5 sizes
Rigged Mesh

*•.♥.•*  2 Chez Temptation Black/White  ♥•*
Top, Tights and Shoes Included
199 L

*•.♥.•*  2 Chez Amily  ♥•*
Top, Canvas Leather Pants
and BOOTS!
When I put this outfit on I thought of my friend Caiti who likes to kill zombies. I thought hmmm. I want to go kill zombies in this outfit, ~chuckles~ of course I went to a rainy sim (Mad Pea that is hosting the Steampunk Gacha) as we were there last night looking at gacha's just to see what they had, sadly we didn't spend any money *sighs* BUT we were like this would be a great sim for photoshoots. So as my husband and I were going through different things tonight for pictures, we were both like MADPEA! It seems a popular spot for bloggers. The outfit though is fighter friendly, skin tight and ready to go kill some mad zombies!

*•.♥.•*  2 Chez Isolde  ♥•*
129 L

Stolen moments... this is one of those dresses that is hip hugging, and sexy. I had to do some adjusting on ho this fits, it also comes with shoes! What girl doesn't want/need more shoes?

~~ New Releases from Lusish Catz
Sexy, tantalizing, I want to go to the beach now. These are some super sexy short outfits for those with tangos, and other types of applies. Mine are taken without my appliers, but the tops fit SO well that I know if I had tried them with my appliers I probably wouldn't have had to do much tweaking.

*•.♥.•*  Shag  ♥•*
7 Different styles 
USA, Pink, Floral, Camo, Leopard, Spots, Aztec
Each 150 L
So many looks with these super cute bikini tops, shorts and cover ups! Here are a few! 

Top Left is Shag USA, top Right is Shag Floral
Bottom two are Shag Leopard

Left picture is Shag Leopard, Top right is Shag Pink, bottom right is Shag USA

These are super sexy just what you need for the beach

~My look~
Skin and Shape by Panda Punx Keely
Hair: Truth  Maiko [Blonde 2 / Gold Floral] 1 (@ the Arcade)
Also wearing hair by Tameless (with the hat)
Eyes: Ikon Sapphire

Happy Shopping!!!!
~~ Important Links to help you Shop~~
2 Chez Links

Lushish Catz Links

To see various looks of above clothes we take countless pictures and only a few are chosen .. Visit my flickr!

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