Tuesday, June 24, 2014

It started with a smile

Circles. They're infinite. They go round and round with no stopping point. People come into our lives, people leave our lives. Then there are those that step into the infinite circles of friendship. It's funny sometimes how circles tend to open up and let people in closing back up linking them together. Circles become more circles, and those circles intertwine together revolving maybe not together but intertwining without rhyme or reason.

I'm one of those people that likes stories. If you didn't know that well welcome to my world! ~soft laughs~ So pull up a pillow in this case because we're outside, enjoying the beautiful summer day that SL brings us and let me tell you about my circle.

This is Bambi, she's been a friend for a long while. I met her husband first, then was introduced to her. We four quickly became friends. They've shown us many things through SL and we've introduced them to quite a few. Sadly, they don't come to SL as much anymore. *grumbles* but they're awesome people. Remember, it just starts with a smile.

Our friendship has stayed true to time. They were in our wedding, they've been there always. No matter that we don't see them often, they will always drop what they are doing to come hang with us and touch base. Amazing people.

Circles remember? I started blogging more and more. I joined We Love to Blog. I'm not sure where this is where I first fell in love with ZOZ products or if I had bought something of hers before but I know this is where I began to see more and more of her items and began blogging Zoz on a fairly regular basis. I remember randomly sharing a blog with Zoz and she made mention of a contest that she has going on in her store. I dragged Bambi there one day and shared with her my love of Zoz and the contest.

Honestly, I never thought more of it. I blog and so I wasn't going to make suggestions but I guess Bambi tucked that piece of information away in the back of her beautiful head of hers. So it started with a smile. See Bambi is a happy person. When you're around her, her warmth is infectious (in a good way) and you just want to sit and chat with her, she warms you with her laughter and her wonderful heart.

A few days ago this polish comes through the groups. Called Bambi. When I opened it I laughed and smiled and was like "I wonder!?"so when I had the chance I asked Zoz "By chance were those made for someone named Bambi?" Her answer was 'Yes, it was a suggestion." (not sure her exact words but you get the gist. I then asked her if the legacy named happened to be my friends legacy name. I think it surprised Zoz because she was "HOW did you know that?!" (Cuz I'm just that good! no seriously.. not a whole lot of SL names with Bambi in it that I've come across and well I was hopeful.) So sure enough it was MY friend Bambi who inspired the very adorable paw print polish called Bambi.

Bambi said she likes smiley faces, and suggested a smiley face polish as well as the paw prints. She says when she does her own toes in real life she adds a smile because it makes her feel better. But it was the paw print that Zoz created and named Bambi. Bambi has a slew of cats in real life and on Second Life. She's definitely an animal lover. So if you wear the Bambi polish please think of the incredible person it was named after and remember that every story has a start and it becomes a circle. Ours has yet to end.

If I can give you any piece of advice from my entry today...Just SMILE. :)

Pose used in the second picture is by Image Essentials called "Hot Gossip"