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First, I want to say thank you for considering Dreaming Second life in blogging your items! Without the amazing creations by creators I probably wouldn't have a blog. Thank you for your gifts, your generosity, your creations and more. I try very hard not to take on more then I can handle but sometimes a creator sneaks into my heart and I can't resist. If you would like us to blog for you please send either nieandera resident or CedricFralto Resident a note card in-world. My im's often get cap'd with the many different groups that I am. We often leave our computers logged in so an IM isn't a bad idea, but at least a notecard (hopefully) won't get lost! Sadly, we don't have as much time as we'd like so please be aware that we may not always blog what we receive but we'll do our best, it may or may not be our style or our look. I try to do a combination of fashion, casual as well as home, garden and of course Cedric likes the fantasy, medieval magic side of second life so those are always encouraged and wanted.

Because there are two of us blogging here are things to keep into consideration when asking us to blog something for you.

 I love blogging and sometimes will blog random things gifted to me through We Love to Blog. I try not to take to many things on because I want to focus on showcasing the creators who I blog exclusively for.

With that said, what you won't find on my blog:

  • Adult content. (All past posts have had nudity removed for syndication purposes.) 
  • You won't find a picture and just where I got it listed. Each time I blog I take the item into consideration from gatcha items, clothes, to home decor then I put them in a setting, and take pictures accordingly. After all that is said and done, I write. I tell a story of why I love the item, or something about the store, the creation etc. For me blogging is more then just what I'm wearing, I want a reader to walk away from an entry and exclaim "I WANT THAT!" and go buy it. 
What you will find:

  • Passion, and dedication to each post
  • Hopefully high quality pictures
  • Sometimes you'll see me, sometimes you'll see Cedric, sometimes you'll see both of us.
I have no set style but love girly, love dressing up fancy. I love elegant. My favorite color is purple, but I wear most every color. I like the "Bohemian look" as well. I love hair, poses and more! 

Hit me up in world if you would like me to blog something for you.


hehe such a stud! I need to catch him when he's not looking and take a picture of him in his casual gear!

Again, thank you for thinking of us to blog for you.

Cedric and Namrah of Dreaming Second Life

It seems more and more blogs are creating a policy statement. I guess for me it's simple: I blog because I want to, I have applied for creators and been accepted, I also join their groups and support them in many endeavors. If I see something I like, I don't very often "ask" them for that item I just go and buy it for myself. I try very hard to link everything so that those reviewing my blog can find where I bought it both marketplace and in-world as well as what event it came from. Please remember that events are here today and gone within a very short time. Sometimes the creator will put the item up for sale in their store but oftentimes it's an exclusive for an event. No creator is "obligated" to give Dreaming Second Life anything but many do give me blogger packs. Usually if Cedric see's something he wishes to blog He actually buys it for himself as He doesn't currently blog exclusively for anyone. Also please remember that no creator is obligated to sell you an item after it has left an event. Many of my items are also hunts that I have paid for, once that hunt is over many times those items go away too. I try to give enough time in my hunts to give the viewer time to go shop but many times people review my blog after the fact. Please be kind to the creators anytime you're asking about a past hunt item, a current event item or you just want to talk to them. Many creators are very busy but also love to hear feedback, please just be respectful. Thanks! 

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