Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Guardians-New Mesh Dragon Statues at RVi Design

I absolutely love the new statues from RVi Design! We recently made a sitting area up high on our sim, and when Roshy showed me the new dragons, I wanted all of them. I have them sitting up on some rock posts that my husband placed out. They look amazing. I call them my Guardians, they look so regal standing, so proud, so tall looking over the entire sim and our little garden area. The set I am displaying is the full pack. There are an amazing item to have, and low land impact (3) because they're mesh!

There is one 2 headed dragon, one 3 headed Dragon, 3-One headed Dragons and ONE of those BREATHES FIRE!

*•.♥.•* Dragon Statues  ♥•*
Full set 


LIMITED TIME ONLY For Group Members only
HUGE HUGE savings
Each Statue Indivudal ranges
from 500L-700L
Which are also half off if you join the group
(Group join is 50L, but that's a small small price to pay for the savings you recieve!)

Group Boards, and group gifts found on the 3rd floor. The new sim is amazing so wander around and find other wondrous goodies to add to your home.

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