Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Lets Rock Hunt continued...

Finally! I get to finish this hunt. I apologize for the delay. Weekends tend to be crazy for me. So here's the Lets Rock Hunt Continued...

For now skipping store 15 and 16, the items are very hard to find so I'm going to talk my friend Corrbin who's my hunt goddess to help me see if I can find them. :)

From start to finish this hunt would probably take about 2 hours. I have to deal with family things, school, work and other things so it took me about 4 days to finish, plus the time to unpack and take pictures. Phew.. But I am loving it. So much fun!

#14 ToXiC HiGh--

This adorable outfit comes with Tango appliers as well as phat azz appliers

#15 Blah Blah Blah

#16 Noise

#17 Sugar & Cyanide

Super sexy top and pants comes with Tango Applier and multiple sizes
(Shoes not included they're by NCore called Obsession)

#18 ~Mesh Glam~

Ring and bracelets

#19 Black Cat Bones (Gifts for both MEN and Women :)  )

Misc shirts, multiple sizes. This is only one of the shirts in this goody box!

#20 Seddys Creations (Gifts for both MEN and WOMEN) 

The t shirt is the mens gift (Rock and Roll) and the skirt is the women's gift.Also comes with phat azz applier and resizer.

#21 My Sweet Sin

Grunge Bed with cuddle poses and single poses
 This bed has great animations this is one of the single animations

#22 S.L.A.D Mainstore

Dark Studded sleeveless Top
With Tang Appliers

#23 Potpourri Designs

Couch and Framed Record. 

#24 OMG! Inc

Leather Jacket: Burnt Luster (Very sexy, the picture doesn't do this little number justice)

#25 {REVERIE}  Hunt item for both Men and Women

#26  Untamed Designs

The drumset is the prize in this box.. it has multiple sit poses. (the outfit is an upcoming gift in the hunt )

#27 LavaRock Creations

#28 Timeless Textures (15 different Textures.. Only One is shown)

#29 Latex Station

#30 Blackrose Fashion

#31 Blood Brothers Another store with both a gift for the guy and the gal!

The womens outfit comes with a pair of capri pants, but I couldn't get them to rez, so I didn't want to take a picture of them.

This is the mens shirt comes in multiple sizes.. (cute on a girl too!)

#32 .:Stone Misery:. Prefabs & Furniture  (this store I believe is going through a little remodel, so do come back here and check out their goodies, they have really neat things.)

Both of these are in the hunt prize, and the picture doesn't really do this gift justice either. It's totally a cute item, the textures are pretty neat. 

#33 . Kamiri 

Very cool Spiked Leather COLOR changing bracelet. 

#34 Isis Boutique
What girl doesn't love a good pair of "OH MY GOD these are going to kill my feet ballet shoes?! (There are several hunts going on in this store)

#35 Barely Legal Couture Mainstore

#36  KikAy Poses

These poses were not working for me, but they are super cute, worth the 1L comes with a guitar and 5 different rocker chick poses!

#37 Mio's Closet

And there you go... THE End of the Lets Rock Hunt. Overall I am very pleased with this hunt. I loved the note card that you were given that allowed you to skip stores that were hard to find. Really only store #14 and 15 caused me any problems, but other then that.. Some super cool gifts for only 1L :)
Happy Hunting and Happy Unpacking!