Monday, November 25, 2013

Hunt for Your Inner Slut 5 Prize 11-30

Weekends aren't forgiving sometimes. It's the time of year where college is wrapping up for me, preparing for the holidays, as well as finals. Dealing with kids getting them to and from stuff... Finally I am able to sit down and work on more hunt gifts. We're almost done!

Just a friendly reminder: This hunt IS FREE! And runs from November 15th to December 15th so another 21 days to get your hunt ON! :)

So lets jump in... I left the blog at hunt # 10 on the last one.. so here's the rest....

HYIS5 #011 - SlutWear by Lexi
Tango appliers included

HYIS5 #012 - The Slut Shop

Phat azz and Tango's included
Men and Women's Gift

HYIS5 #013 - Pattie's Passions
His and Her  gifts

HYIS5 #014 - JELLY

HYIS5 #015..::KnocKeRs::

Tango Appliers and Phat Azz appliers

HYIS5 #016 - (In)Discretions

Picture Removed

HYIS5 #017 - The Slut Shop XXX

Picture Removed 
Tango Appliers Included for pasties
His and Her gifts

HYIS5 #018 - LUSTY"S
Tango appliers included
His and Her gifts

HYIS5 #019 - Que Bella!
Tango, Iboobs, Vstring Evo, Lush, BBusty, EBoobs, and Mused Appliers included

HYIS5 #020 - PRIME
Picture removed due to adult content... 

HYIS5 #021 - Ash's Trash
This outfit has shoes, and another outfit with shoes.
Tango appliers on part of the outfit but not the whole outfit.

HYIS5 #022 - :.::Hot Stuff::.:
Comes with appliers for: Bbusty ubera magnus, Lolas Tango, and Lush Breasts

HYIS5 #023 - Bacidalucia Village
Lola Tango appliers included

HYIS5 #024 - {{Imajicas}} G-Spot Gestures

Picture removed

Gestures! Not an easy way to take pictures of gestures, but there are two in this gift.

HYIS5 #025 - Greta's Couture

with Tango Appliers

HYIS5 #026 - QE

Comes with Tango and Lush appliers

HYIS5 #027 - L!KE

Includes Phat Azz appliers, Lush, Tango, Mused and Eboobs Appliers.

HYIS5 #028 - WistfulMist Gallery

I did take a picture of Misty's work here at WistfulMist Gallery but honestly, I decided not to post it. For one, it's beautiful work. Work that for a free gift you should go and get. Just go. It's worth the trip. Misty is a fantastic artist with what she does. It's beautiful, stunning and inspiring. I am trying to figure out where I am going to hang this artwork in my own home here on Second Life. You'll love your trip to this store. Some of her art is for sale, some of it's not. If you wish her to do custom work there's a notecard included in the package to contact her. Prices are reasonable too. So Just go.. Snag her wonderful free gift, and wander around her gallery, peek through her photo albums and sign her guest book. I promise, you won't regret it. 

HYIS5 #029 - The Crossing
Picture Removed

A very yummy bed with multiple poses. Very well done animations! Low prim as well (only 13)

HYIS5 #030 - JOOPS

Very cute skirt, it has an alpha that comes with it, but it's not really needed, at least for me it wasn't.