Friday, May 2, 2014

The Portals of Fantasy Faire...

Good Day! Good Men, Fair ladies!

The realms have opened, have you gone? Have you traveled the paths of the fae folk? Danced with the gypsies? Seen the gods and the goddesses in all their beauty and glory? If you have not then hurry on your way the portals to the other realm are only open for a wee amount of time only 11 days and one day is gone. There is so much to see, so much to do. So much to explore. Even if your pockets are empty the faire is something to behold. The world is breathtaking in all it's glory (even on low settings you will be stunned!) The Fantasy Faire will seduce you and you will want to live there forever. Each realm directed to a different genere of fantasy and folk lore.

When you land at the Fairelands Junction which path will you choose? Will you choose to walk towards the throbbing thrums of engines? And venture into Asperatus. This is a sim we've not yet traveled so there's not much here yet I can tell you. Or will you follow the path to the swampy lands designed by Marcus Inkpen and Sharni Azalle of The Looking Glass to explore Blackwater Glenn? Another path leads you to the actual Faery Court, where the Light will direct you towards the Seelie or to the dark of the unseelie, will you be seduced by the beauty of the floating lotus flowers, and the etheral beauty of flowers that stand taller then you?

One path will lead you to Heavenslough, where dreams come alive with sprites, and fairy folk please do not get lost in the marshes because you'll want to visit the Mere folk, and you'll be stunned by the waterfalls. This is one sim my husband is in love with. The trees are breathtaking and I'm a total fan of anything that has waterfalls. You will not be disappointed.

Then there's the sim created by the creators of Dwarfins, Hope's Horizon.  It's breathtaking, as you walk through the Portal you are swept away into towering buildings, and you can feel the power of life pulsing through the walls of the designers heart and soul.


One path leads you to Medhir Woods created by a dear friend of a friend; Rynn Verwood. She's an amazing creator who's brought magic, and nature together to create an outpost of beauty, mostly I just wanted to find a tree to curl up under and watch the meanderings of folks as they went from shop to shop.

The last two portals will lead you to Sanctum and Wiggenstead Mooring which are two sims we've yet to venture.

Last but not least.... find your way to Mooring then onto The Palace of Tears where the hunt begins .... I won't tell you about the Palace of Tears just yet... You'll have to go yourself, and find your way through each portal to all the lands..

Fair thee well dear traveler, Fair thee well......

More to come as goodies are unpacked!