Thursday, March 6, 2014

2 Chez: Wonderful new items, plus something for spring!

Celebrating 2 Chez and her amazing designs
Walk with me so I can show you her new items. She is gearing up for spring and fun fun times! All her items are geared to make you feel sexy, beautiful and ALIVE!

*•.♥.•* 2Chez Mayu Denim Shorts  ♥•*
5 sizes, 2 styles
Each color sold separately
Black, Light Blue, and Blue Denim 
129 L

Shorts! It's getting to be that time of year where shorts are coming back out of our inventories. These are adorable, snug fitting, highly detailed shorts. :) EACH COLOR is SOLD separately! In three different colors. I was trying to give you the detail of each color. They're just super cute and come in different sizes.
The shirt is in the next picture.

*•.♥.•* 2Chez Carlotta Mesh Top  ♥•*
Rigged Mesh, Semi Sheer lace halter top
101 L

When I saw the shorts, I was like "Hmmmms" I need something to go with them! So I went to her store and browsed until I found this! It fit so perfect and just my style so I eagerly spent the Lindens and here you go! One of the wonderful things about 2 Chez is that you can mix and match her outfits. I know you can do that with most creators, but I love keeping creators items together.

*•.♥.•* 2Chez Raven Leather Pants with belt  ♥•*
5 Sizes
149 L
They come in black, gold, red and silver
These pants are each sold separately

For the next outfit, I reached out to a blogger group I am involved with. I just knew this outfit needed more then my simple backgrounds. Link for this amazing sim is here:

*•.♥.•* 2Chez Sakura  ♥•*
Pink Kimono Dress
with thong, stockings and wedge shoes!
149 L
I have this secret love affair with Kimonos and most things Asian. Shh don't tell on me. I just adore this outfit. I may not take it off for days. Okay I will because I have more to blog, but you can bet it's going back on in the next little bit. This outfit.. I don't know what to say other then you must buy it. :) It also comes in yellow!  I'm never very much of a pink fan but sometimes I want to wear pink because it makes me feel very feminine and sexy in a demure kind of way.

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