Saturday, December 20, 2014

~These are the special times~

Sometimes if you're lucky you meet that one person who just surprises you. Takes you by storm, sweeps you off your feet and into their arms never to let go. That's what Cedric did to me so many moons ago. Today has been a day of remembering, going through pictures and videos of the years we've been together. From our original avatars Drake & Kadri to where we are now as Cedric and Namrah. Our story is amusing and if you ever want to know, simply just ask. We met and we were friends, we hung out but I was unsure so time passed and we wound up finding each other again. Thank you for not giving up on me.

Outfit: Noel by 2 Chez Pose: Belongs

Allyson Dwyer of Something New Poses and Props has a lot of wonderful Holiday/Christmas poses out. The pose that Cedric and I are in above is called ~Belongs~ I just love how I fit snuggling in His arms, which is my most favored place to be!

Same pose, "Belongs" but this shows you the full pose well with our feet cut off, lol. I run on the short side in second life, so I'm kind of dangling from Masters arms ~chuckles~ but it's still the best place to be.

Outfit 1:"Noel" by 2 Chez 
Hair: Magika-Moment (Creator Sabina Gully)
Pose 1: Belongs by Something New Poses and Props
1L Gift at :*Feeb's Rascals Winter Market* until Jan 1st 2015
Also available at the Mainstore @ regular price

Outfit: Merry Green Pose: Santa's Lap

Sitting on Santa's lap is something that all kids of dream of.. I'm just a big kid who doesn't want to grow up. So Santa.. *whispers in his ear of all the things she'd long to have with a final "I've been a very very good girl Santa! I powmise!"* 

Outfit 2: "Merry Green" by 2 Chez
Hair: Meep  by .ploom part of 12 days of Christmas
Pose: Santa's Lap by Something New Poses and Props
Available at The Unique Mini Fair - Dec 8th- 22nd

Waiting for Santa, maybe I should have switched these two around but to me this I'm just longing to be with the one I love for the holidays, waiting for His arms to wrap me tight and to whisper in my ear that EVERYTHING is going to be alright even when I feel the world is against me right now. And of course I had to dress uber sexy for Him, and wear stockings and a semi naughty Santa outfit, doesn't this scream "I've been a good girl?"

Outfit 3: "Santa Dress" by 2 Chez
Hair: Harley by .ploom part of 12 days of Christmas
Pose: Waiting for Santa  *NEW RELEASE* @ Something New Poses and Props

All poses/props by Something New Poses and Props Creator Allyson Dwyer
All outfits on Namrah by 2 Chez Creator Giselle Grizot
Cedric's Santa Outfit: Ho Ho Ho by An@rchy Ink (Creator:  Anarchy Charisma)

Creator/Event Highlights

Something New Poses and Props (Creator Allyson Dwyer)
 .ploom flickr for all the daily goods of 12 Days of Christmas (Creator Helyanwe Vindaloo)
:*Feeb's Rascals Winter Market* until Jan 1st 2015
An@rchy Ink (Creator:  Anarchy Charisma)

Post inspired by These are special times by Christina Aguilera

Namrah's Look:

Glam Affair (Creator (aida Ewing) - Amberly - America
Slink: (Creator Siddean Munro) Hands (Casual) Feet (High)
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Accessories including Hair, Jewelry, hair pieces
.:L&B:. (Creators Lapointe & BastChild Designs) "Celtic Femme" Wedding Ring - Platinum v2
Eyes & Makeup:
IKON (Creator Ikon Innovia) Ardent Eyes - Chocolate (M)