Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Inventory Cleaning

This week I've made it my goal to go through my object folder, old blogger packs, move things, re-arrange and overall just organize my inventory so when I get blogger packs I'm not overwhelmed by my massive inventory.

Sometimes it's kind of fun... and other times... I just want a match! LOL Not because the creations are amazing! But because I've been way to lazy and it's a MESS!

Right now I'm cleaning out all my Final Fantasy Festival packs, putting them in appropriate folders, deleting duplicates, and getting rid of things that just weren't my style, and tucking others away into roleplay folders for "someday".

This is what my inventory party looks like, though about 45 mins ago there were double the boxes on the platform:

My husband got tired of standing so he drug out his throne, lol... Funny man! Makes me smile and giggle.. And the flaiming things, those are magic huds, they're just cool looking hehe.

So this is just part of Second Life, and why Dreaming Second Life was born.

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