Friday, May 9, 2014

2 Chez SHOES, SHOES, SHOES and well SHOES!

What girl doesn't love shoes? What girl doesn't love SLINK shoes? So this post is all about shoeeees!!! Squeels in delight! The shoes are fantastic and the prices are almost unbeatable! :) if you like shoes, then head to marketplace or her main store and shop, shop, and shop some more!

IN my last post of 2 Chez New Releases Galore, one of the last pictures included this outfit:

In that outfit are these shoes... i wanted to do a close up of them!
 *•.♥.•*  CGG Palm Beach Creme ♥•*
For Slink high Feet (not included)

 *•.♥.•*  CGG Palm Beach Black ♥•*
101 L
For Slink High (feet not included)

*•.♥.•*  CGG Palm Beach Blue ♥•*
101 L
For Slink high (feet not included)

            *•.♥.•*  CGG Palm Beach Red ♥•*

           *•.♥.•*  CGG Paris Red Cross  ♥•*
101 L

          *•.♥.•*  CGG Tampico Heels with Hud ♥•*
  These are for both slink Medium and regular avatar feet

101 L 
(SERIOUSLY! 8 choices... just 101 Lindens!)

Why are you still here? WHY AREN'T YOU SHOPPING?!?! :))

Important links to help your journey

I've given you all the links to the shoes themselves, BUT if you're adventurous and want more:


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