Monday, June 23, 2014

~I believe in Magic~

In a world like Second Life, anything is possible. I dropped into a sim tonight that was BREATHTAKING. Oh it was STUNNING. I was very impressed and as I walked around I could swear you could feel the fae watching me. You could hear the soft sound of harp music and flutes playing. Gentle winds whisper through the trees, the sound of wind chimes seducing you to have a seat. Truly enchanting. One area had willow whisps dancing around the trees and this is where I believe in magic. I settled in and enjoyed the view and decided to create.

 So this dress is by MOoH! (Formerly FBD) called Hey there Sailor (but for some reason I was think gothic girl gone wild!) It's a wonderful fit comes with the dress, stockings and comes with shoes (that I'm not wearing) and tango appliers for each size. The hair I am wearing is by .ploom called Boomer, and you can get it for a limited time at Level Up!

These beautiful corset shoes are by 2 Chez. I haven't blogged anything of hers in awhile and figured I better because she's been sending out some pretty awesome creations lately. These shoes are called Cadiz Stilettos and they're for slink high feet. They come with a hud so you can choose from 8 different colors which I didn't do because I didn't really read the description. Stuck those bad boys on and was like PERFECT!
2 Chez Cadiz Stilettos and you can find them for only 129L! The hud changes the red portion of the shoe, so the back behind the lacing and the red that you can see peeking from the toes. :)

The polish that I'm wearing  is by -{ZOZ}- Savvy  Cards can be found at The Thrift Shop until June 29th

The polish that I'm wearing with the shoes is by -{ZOZ}- Savvy Playing Cards can be found at -->PRE-Release<-- Gatcha Garden until July 6th

Namrah's Look:
Shape: Panda Punx Nurse Vixen (I bought this on Marketplace)

Slink Hands: Casual feet High
Eyes: IKON-Sapphire
Eyelashes: - DAMNED - Eyelashes
Wedding ring by Lapointe & Bastchilde
Make-up ~Blacklace Beauty~ Hi-Gloss Lips Clear
Dress: FBD Hey there Sailor @ Sunday Park

Sim Location: Balderdash the landmark takes you to a store which is quiet lovely, but the sim itself is just spectacular. Nice thing is you can rez for pictures, as well as use scripts, but please pick up after yourself so that we can continue having this type of trust when using sims like this. Thank you.

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