Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Phew I finally did it!!!

Getting my Groove on for Rock Attitude Hunt

I LOVE Second Life hunts. I'm addicted. I'm a sucker for hunts! I'm not part of any bloggers for hunts, but I wanted to share my love for what I find. One thing you won't find on my blog is *where* the item is. I will do my best to give the name of the hunt, how much it is, the blog information for the hunt itself.. Then the goodies. My hunt items may or may not be in order. I don't want to take away from the joy of the "Hunt" nor do I want to influence you on what you choose to hunt for. Hunt because it's fun. Hunt because you want to.

As my blog grows, these things may change. I want to eventually blog FOR hunts, but normally hunt blogs need to be 6 months old, so for now I'm doing this on my own for fun! I am a mother of three, I have a job as well as a late in life college student. Some hunts may not be complete, and some may be. I don't do any hunts in particular except the ones that appeal to me and what I like in SL.

Please enjoy, please feel free to comment, but please don't ask me what hunts I'm going to do because I never know! Sometimes when I'm in a store, I find a hunt item from another hunt and I'll snag it, so I will probably include "Random Found Hunt".

Thanks and stay tuned for some fabulous items from Second Life. I tend to do hunts that don't cost a whole lot of Linden, I choose to stay in the 0L to 1L hunts but recently have found myself doing a few 5L to 50L hunts just because some of the items appeal to me.


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