Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Rock Attitude Hunt

Getting ready to unpack! It's Christmas in my unpacking skybox!
This was the hunt that kind of helped me decide that *yes* this is what I wanted to do with what free time I have.
Rock Attitude Hunt October 30th-November 30th

Main Hunt Blog:

This hunt costs 5L so far I am very impressed with the prizes so I feel the 5L is worth the gifts. Great stores, easy to find. Follow the hunt hints and you won't have any trouble at all. Some of the stores are out of the hunt.

#2Razor Main Store:

Hunt Hint:  - Just around the corner from our friendly skeleton

Outfit includes Top, Jeans

Rock Star Jeans (Low ride, very nice fit, different sizes)

01 -  If you go too far, you've gone too far

Mesh dress, comes in multiple sizes. Fits beautifully! LOVE!

 shoes AND socks 

Bolero Jacket.. RAWR~ (pasties and panties not included.. JACKET ONLY)

_______________________________________________ (not sure the hunt item #)

J&A Rock Culture e Arena Club

Sexy little mesh number... 


American Bazaar:

This sexy little number ALSO comes with Lola Appliers, Phat AZZ appliers. 
Two for the price of one?

 Tube Top (Panties not included) Very cute celebration.

Sneakers! They're kind of big on me but I'm fairly tiny


Obey Corset by 1 Hundered 

(Corset only, the Rock Star jeans are from another hunt goodie from this hunt)
If you've never been to one of the 1 Hundred stores, you should! Drop what you are doing.. Now, and go. They have affordable prices, the quality of their clothes is outstanding, and many items come with tango appliers and I believe Phat Azz, but don't quote me on that. :) I LOVE their store. 

RAH Hunt gift (Some of the stores were doing TWO gifts this was one of the other gifts in 1 Hundred

Wife Beater Tank from 1 Hundred. There are two colors White and Grey they come with Tango Appliers! (Both top and bra applier) 

Zenith Halloween Retro Style Dress, TOTALLY adorable dress especially if you're a huge Mickey Mouse Fan, one thing the picture doesn't really show very well is that I'm wearing a blinking nose that flashes. So cute! Honestly, the pictures don't do any of these outfits justice. (I'll have to work on that!)

Rock Attitude, Black Tank, Mesh and multiple sizes. I had to change my hair so you could see the cuteness of this tank. (I am wearing nipple tape under, so that's what you can see on my right boob!)

Outfit includes: Knotted T, shorts both short shorts, and high waisted. Not shown: blood knee high stockings that are super cute.

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