Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Running out of Time Part 2

What fun! I got to meet the lady putting on the Pillows and things hunt today. She was nice enough to post my link in her group. Thank you!

I was hoping to finish getting through this hunt today but then I got called to help a friend out. (Thank You Heart & Soul Designs) yummmy.

Before we get to the good stuff. I just wanted to take a moment to thank my amazing husband to be Cedric. He's really embraced me doing my blog and has even jumped in to help take photos because my graphics card is starting to blitz. It'll be about 3 weeks before I can get a new one, so He's become my amazing photographer. :) Thank you Love! You rock.

So here's some of the prizes from 11-28. Again, I'm not posting everything, but hopefully you get a lovely surprise. The first half seemed to be mostly goodies for the home. This second part seems to be mainly clothes. What girl (and guy) doesn't like clothes??????  Some of the #'s are out of order because we kind of blended things together for this blog.

#12. Vips Creations

 This sexy little green dress comes in two different styles. Both green and a plaid plus shoes.

#15 Imagine Flowers and Garden
#17 Tree House Treasures

From store #15 you get the charming little water fountain.
I always have to hide my lindens when I visit Imagine Flowers and Garden, low prim, quality fairy garden items. It's wonderful to wander and explore.
From Tree House Treasures, "Poor Snowman, he ran out of time" 
(The tree's, and snow base are from Skye Studios, and the snow, and "apartment" is part of a BA build

#26 Dreamscape Wedding Design
This adorable reflection bench comes with the bench, the light, table and picture frame.

#13.: Saba's Creations

Ready for a party? This cute sequinned dress will get you off on the right start to a wonderful evening with friends or a date night. 

 #14 OMG! Inc

The jacket needs to be edited on this, the boots are not included in this outfit, I really liked this one without the jacket, but you have a choice.

#16 Short Circuit

I think this is a guy's shirt, but I liked it enough so I put it on. Fun!

#18. blah. BLAH. Blah

There is a hunt gift here for guys and girls. Nice thing about this store is they have really nice mesh clothes. If you've never been here, walk around and check out the store.

#19. ! Beautiful Dangerous!

Very sexy, cute outfit. Looks good with or without the sweater. It also comes with Tango appliers and phat azz appliers.

There's also a mens gift of a matching outfit for this. 
At the back of the store are Midnight Mania boards, and there's also some other freebies in the store. 

#28. Dragon's Designs

 Entice him or her to bed with this sexy little number. He or she will not be disappointed.

The bed is by Heart & Soul designs called Sinful Elegance. Link is here:

THIS bed is NOT part of the hunt. It just worked for the pose. You can check out Abbadon Soulstar's inworld-store here: 

Some of the hunt items I didn't post. I'm trying to leave some allure to the hunt. I have been very pleased overall with all of my prizes. 

Happy Hunting

~Cedric and Nie~

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