Tuesday, January 7, 2014

SL Glitches, Amazing creators... and more

A few weeks ago, I was really tired. I had been dealing with some health issues working on inventory and just honestly not thinking very clearly. We all know SL glitches. We love to hate it, and hate to love it right? Several of my folders simply disappeared. Some I may never care about. The main folders I lost were poses (those still make me weep) and other folders were a folder of silks, jeans and shorts.

Mostly creators have been pretty darn amazing at getting back to me. So I'm going to recognize and give a shout out to some wonderful creators that have returned many items to me that re-delivery systems couldn't.

WetCat Poses

Wetcat Flux bent over backwards to help me replace some of my items, but because she retired many of them she instead gave me a gift card because I didn't buy them on Marketplace, I had no current record. (I'm going to start saving my transaction records. I suggest you do as well!) Many were also group gifts so they were freebies anyways. She does quality poses, at an affordable price so if you haven't seen her poses, you should check out her store both on MP and in world.

DoC Eldritch of DE Designs

Within moments of sending a notecard to Doc, I had the item in my received folder from him sending it to me from marketplace. I loved the outfit I had bought and was heartbroken it was gone. He has wonderful mesh clothing for all kinds of styles.

Another creator Kristy Lane (SL name is Kristy Oherlihy) of RACK Poses,
In World
also a SL Blogger was so considerate the day that she got my notecard. Though I didn't have all the information I needed, she went through several things and sent me missing poses. It was nice because some of them were only 1L others I had paid more for. It was just nice that it didn't matter the amount, she still resent them. I plan to buy more poses from her.

I am sure there are more out there that deserve a huge kudos, but these are just a few that I have dealt with in the last month and just wanted to give them some recognition. It's creators like this that keep me in SL and spending my money in their stores, lol.

Happy Shopping~


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