Tuesday, February 4, 2014

2 Chez: New Fashions from an amazing Creator

I honestly think that Gisele is amazing. :) We know that, I brag every time I receive a new goody in my inventory from this lady. She's nice, and charming and quite helpful. I was having SL issues and something wasn't rezzing right for me. We tried a few different things then I finally was like "well maybe it's SL not loading for me correctly, let me relog" and sure enough once I relogged the outfit loaded beautifully! She was so nice about it all. Thankfully it was just me! But I love creators like Gisele who are never bothered by people contacting them and asking them about their product. I have had such wonderful luck lately with just amazing creators.

So, with that said.. lets talk about clothes! I love clothes.I love amazing clothes that when I put them on, they just fit like a glove. Sleek, sexy, sensual. When I wear 2 Chez clothes I feel so beautiful where I can slide into one of her outfits and go to a board meeting, or straight to a party, or somewhere else a little naughty. :)

*•.♥.•* Riva Black Crop Top, Cargo Pants    ♥•*
Boots and Arm Warmers

*•.♥.•* A Wild Hair: Ophelia Hair Fat Pack  ♥•*
599L (fat pack)
250 L for single hair

*•.♥.•* Desire Black, Ecru, and Red Gown  *•.♥.•*
101 L

The thing I like about this next dress is that it can be formal or casual. It's just adorable. It also works wonderfully with the Angelino shoes that I posted a few days ago!


(The hair in this pose is from Truth Hair, was a group gift)

Something on the NAUGHTY Side..

*•.♥.•* Valentine Lingerie/Teddy/Undies/Stockings  *•.♥.•*

I lay in bed, I wait for Him, dream of Him, long for Him. He who makes all my dreams, my fantasies, my hungers come to life. Dressing a little naughty only enhances what may be. Will he love me fast? Will he love me slow? Will he love me rough? Wanting to please Him, try this naughty little set by 2 Chez, you will definitely  tickle his fancy!

*•.♥.•* Karine Pleated Mini dress, Studded Halter  *•.♥.•*
and boots!


If you feel like clubbing, this will be the outfit you want tonight! It comes with the halter top, skirt and boots. Great items for one great low price!

Most poses used in this entry are from WetCat Flux:
Inworld store:

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