Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Undisclosed desires

Awhile back I got this wonderful group gift from Something New Poses and Props. When I opened it, my husband Cedric was like "WE have got to use that!" so it sat in my inventory due to vacation to Florida finally before we left for another trip within a 2 week period Cedric was like "WOMAN! sit down, slow down and take a breath." He took some amazing pictures. Thank you love. These are all raw, unedited pictures. I didn't even crop them as they're beautiful as their own.

Allyson Dwyer is the awesome creator of Something New Poses and Props, this group gift is called Undisclosed Desires. I am in love with this pose creator. She's super nice and very giving. The pose is the chair, and I passed the cherry off to my husband. I think what I love about it is the blindfold that comes with it, because you're putting absolute faith in someone else. I trusting Cedric to know what's best for me. Even though he knows I don't like cherries. :))

The dress I am wearing in the first shot is Formal-Bridget-Red Creator: Tori Xavorin (torid Silverweb) of Tori's Stylez

The second dress I am wearing is by 1 Hundred, called Sweet Princess Dress. White we weren't really sure what look we were going for so we chose a few different things.

The hair I am wearing is by .ploom, it's one of her new releases called Brooke.

Cedric is wearing a suit by Deadpool Deaths Suit, creator DeadpoolXX I am not sure if this is available on marketplace as we bought it at an event awhile ago. I couldn't find an inworld store so linked to their marketplace store.

Body and shape by Panda Punx Neri

Cedric's Shape is by Him, and Skin by Labrynth

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