Wednesday, September 17, 2014

One Word: Cats!

Squee! I love cats! I DO! I DO! I finally got over to the One Word event today because I just needed to have my fix on cuteness! This event is a bi monthly event. Words are picked by SL uses, and then voted on by anyone who votes. So this month was CATS! :) The event is on the //elephante poses and props sim. Decorated quite adorably. I had to take a picture to show how cute of a job they do.

There are a lot of wonderful creators here but I only snagged a few! I loved this adorable dress by  Wimey (creator Sash Arabello)

This shows off the front and the back. ADORABLE right? And it wasn't very many lindens at all! I had to have it. It's cute, adorable and whimsical!

Pose used: //elephante poses// Pompeii *September 2014 Subscriber Gift* One of 3 great poses.

The headband I am wearing is by pr!tty  called imeow - .Headband and is the Oneword Group Gift!

The whiskers another adorable thing I just had to have, can't play a kitty without whiskers! So the store is called: [CerberusXing] creator Kamayari. I have to say I'm in love with these little whiskers.

This beautiful necklace and earring set I just HAD to have. I had to go digging in my hair for short hair so I could show it off! (Short hair by KOY called HANNI but I didn't buy it at this event.) So the jewlery is by creator Krystal Jenkins of Krystal Fine Jewelry  there are 4 different styles to this, but I picked the silver with the diamonds. Again, I didn't spend very much linden on this, so it was well worth the trip for me. Quality at a low affordable price. I'm sold!

The creator [CerberusXing] is very imaginative and I'm a dork that I like how creators can go out of their way even in their packaging. I had a good giggle out of this.

(more on this outfit by 2Chez and look coming up in another post. Promise!)

Next we have make up and polish by The {Wicked} Peach creator Autumn Amaranth. I have had fun trying different nail polish creators, it's been very weird not wearing the same polish by the same creator but stepping outside of ones comfort zone sometimes is a good thing. Plus, I'm finding new and fabulous finds on the road to self discovery. So that's a good thing! I'm not very big into facial make up, but I really liked the look of the eyeliner/eye shadows by The Wicked peach, and the polishes were just to cute to pass up. I actually couldn't pass many of the polishes on this trip to be honest! But here's the MEOW polish for both hands and feet. I wound up getting the fat pack but only showing my hands.

This polish comes in 6 different colors, but I'm only showing 3. The other colors not shown are yellow, green and orange which are PURRFECT for Halloween! Such fun polishes with fun colors.

Pose used: //elephante poses// Pompeii *September 2014 Subscriber Gift* One of three great poses.

Bella Ellephante is the "makeup" store of //elephante// poses her nail polishes for this event are called "Here Kitty Kitty"I love the detail she put into her kitty's. The cute lil face peeking up as if to say "Ha! I see youz!" There are 10 polish colors in all for those that like dark and pastel colors, this is a good polish to choose. Only 4 of the 10 are shown.

The last nail polish I'm going to show you is by [Fetch]called Kitty Moon, and the adorable chair I am sitting in is called [Fetch] Meow Chair - Princess. Creator of [Fetch] Gretchen Wienerschnitzel (DistortedDreams) There are 6 different color combos to this polish and the chair has several different poses.

The outfit in the last three pictures is by MOoH! (NOT at the One Word Event). The cute sexy tank top can be found at the Unique Varied Event until Sept 22nd. The jeans are the jeans from Love Me Casual outfit which is part of Dalriada Delwood's older line FBD, which you can find on marketplace
Phew! These were only a few of the MANY things you could buy at the One Word Event. It runs from September 1st to September 30th. It's a Bi-Monthly Event. Hopefully you'll hurry over before it's gone! It's worth a shopping spree!

Important Store-Event Links:

Namrah's Look
Skin/Shape by Panda Punx called Neri  (Creator: вαвүsαυяυs  (Lluna Nitely))
Eyes:IKON Hope Mesh Eyes-Emerald (Creator: Ikon Innovia)
Hair: Short pink hair by  KOY (Creator Koy Sauce) called HANNI I got this @ The Deck which is where the Koy link will take you.
Long Hair in the last few pictures: [^.^Ayashi^.^] Lisa bought at Unique Varied Event (Creator: Ikira Frimon)
Slink Hands: Casual feet High (Creator: Siddean Munro)
Wedding ring by Lapointe & Bastchilde (Creators: Lapointe & BastChild Designs )
Make-up: ~Blacklace Beauty~ Hi-Gloss Lips Clear (Creator Gemini Galatea)

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